Map FAQs

What Kind of Maps Are in the County Clerk’s Office?

There are all sorts of maps at the County Clerk’s Office. Survey maps, subdivision maps, and highway appropriation maps are some of the most common ones. We also have a variety of historical maps and atlases. This includes the famous Boston Purchase Map of 1791!


How Can I File a New Map at the County Clerk’s Office?

As of 2020, the electronic submission of maps in Broome County is mandatory under the authority granted in NYS RP Law §334. This is important to ensure the cleanest and clearest digital images are available online for our customers. It is no longer required to produce and submit burdensome mylar or paper maps, which will only be rescanned later. To learn more about the electronic submission of maps, please read this memo.


How Can I Search for a Map Already on File at the County Clerk’s Office?

There are already thousands of subdivision and survey maps that have been digitized and are on the Broome County Clerk’s Office’s document search website

There are different ways to search for maps imaged on our website. You can search by the surveyor, the name of the map itself (which could be the name of the property owner or the tract of land being mapped), or the date that the map was filed.

However, as much as our office has dedicated time and money to back-scanning older maps onto our website, there are still many more paper, mylar, and canvas maps available in our office. We also have a map index book that the public can use to search for the older survey and subdivision maps.