Bankruptcy Records FAQs

Bankruptcy Records FAQs

General Information on Bankruptcy Records:

  • Bankruptcies are a matter of public record and are maintained by the federal courts. Bankruptcy Courts are located within each of the 94 federal judicial districts. Records are maintained through each respective court clerk’s office. Broome County bankruptcy records fall under the Northern District of New York counties, with bankruptcy offices found in Albany, Syracuse, and Utica.
  • Contact information and where to access bankruptcy records can be found below:

Who handles Bankruptcy records?

Bankruptcy records are not filed in the Broome County Clerk’s Office. There are handled by the Federal Courts. The Bankruptcy Court website could be found at             

To Search/File Bankruptcy Records:

In accordance with congressional requirements, bankruptcy records are made accessible via the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system. Registration for new users, searches, electronic filing, billing, login, and technical support can be obtained from the PACER service center at   

            The PACER service provides the public with instantaneous access to more than 1 billion documents filed at all federal courts

Requests for Copies:

            Information about requesting copies of bankruptcy court documents may be found at:

The Clerk's Office is limited in the assistance it can provide parties in the filing process and cannot provide legal advice.  If you are considering filing a petition or claim without an attorney (self-represented), please review Filing Without an Attorney section of this website.


To contact the federal bankruptcy courts:

Public hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM E.S.T., Monday to Friday excluding federal holidays.


Street Address                                   Mailing Address:

U.S. Bankruptcy Court                        U.S Bankruptcy Court

James T. Foley United                         James T. Foley United States Courthouse

States Courthouse                               445 Broadway, Suite 330

445 Broadway, Suite 330                     Albany, NY 12207

Albany, NY 12207

Albany Bankruptcy Court Clerk’s Office Phone: 518-257-1661



Street Address:                                   Mailing Address:

U.S. Bankruptcy Court                         U.S. Bankruptcy Court

Alexander Pirnie U.S. Courthouse       Alexander Pirnie U.S. Courthouse      

And Federal Building                           And Federal Building

10 Broad Street                                    10 Broad Street

Utica, NY 13501                                  Utica, NY 13501

Utica Bankruptcy Court Clerk’s Office Phone: 315-793-8101



Street Address:                                  Mailing Address:

U.S. Bankruptcy Court                         U.S. Bankruptcy Court

James M. Hanley U.S.                          James M. Hanley U.S.                         

Courthouse and Federal Building        Courthouse and Federal Building

100 South Clinton Street                     100 South Clinton Street

Syracuse, NY 13261                            Syracuse, NY 13261

Syracuse Bankruptcy Court Clerk’s Office Phone: 315-295-1600