BC Junction


The BC Junction is BC Transit’s central transfer point. It is located at the southwest corner of the Greater Binghamton Transportation Center near the intersection of Henry St and Prospect Ave, Binghamton.

At the BC Junction, you can connect with most routes serving much of the Greater Binghamton Area. BC Transit buses depart the BC Junction every 40 minutes weekdays; and every 60 minutes weekday evenings and weekends. Please check each bus schedule for more information.

BC Junction Office


At the BC Junction Office, you can purchase passes and obtain route and schedule information.

BC Junction Office hours are:

  • Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM
  • The BC Junction Office is closed and buses will not run on major holidays.

Routes Serving the BC Junction

If you are new to BC Transit, we strongly recommend you review our how to ride guide.

For detailed information on these routes, see Routes & Schedules.

3 Park Ave

Serves Downtown Binghamton, Woodburn Court, Binghamton General Hospital, Southside Binghamton, Ross Park Zoo. New Horizons Day Treatment, Greater Binghamton Transportation Center and more!

5 Vestal Ave

Serves Downtown Binghamton, YWCA, County Court House, Government Plaza, University Plaza, NCI, MacArthur School, Hayes Community Apts, Binghamton University, Time Warner, Greater Binghamton Transportation Center and more!

7 Clinton St

Serves Downtown Binghamton, Anitque Row, Boys and Girls Club, Legacy Bay, Johnson City Walmart, Harry L Drive, Oakdale Mall, OMH Community Treatment and Recovery, Small Mall, Arrowhead Bookstore, Greater Binghamton Transportation Center and more!

8 Front St

Serves Workforce NY, Broome County Health Department, SUNY Broome, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Sunrise Terrace, Upper Front St, Chenango Park and Ride,Greater Binghamton Transportation Center and more!

12 Conklin Ave

Serves Downtown Binghamton, Broome County Library, A.V.R.E., Sheltered Workshop, Broome County Humane Society, Webster Court Apts, Saratoga Apts, Greater Binghamton Transportation Center and more!

15 Leroy St

Serves Downtown Binghamton, Binghamton High School, Leroy St, Floral Ave, Family Enrichment Network, Elmira Business Institute, West Middle School, University Downtown Center, Binghamton University and more!

28 Robinson St

Serves Downtown Binghamton, Wilson Dental, Salvation Army, East Middle School, Carlisle Apts, Coolidge Elementary, Lourdes Walk-in, Greater Binghamton Health Center, Binghamton Plaza and more!

35 Endicott-Binghamton

Serves Downtown Binghamton, Downtown Johnson City, Downtown Endicott, Oakdale Mall, Broome DSS, Binghamton High School, Wilson Hospital, Union Endicott High School, Glendale Technology Park and more!

40 Chenango St

Serves Downtown Binghamton, Binghamton Plaza, Countrytowne Apartments, Otsiningo Park, Roosevelt Elementary, Port Dickinson Elementary, BW Elliot, Children's Home of the Wyoming Conference, Chenango Valley Elementary School, Chenango Park & Ride and more!

51 K Commuter

Serves Downtown Binghamton, Upper Court St, Frito Lay, Felchar, Triple Cities Metals, Southern Tier Plastics, Univerisal Instruments, Harris Assembly, Willow Run Foods, American Pipe, Greater Binghamton Transportation Center and more!

53 Corporate Park

Serves Downtown Binghamton, Broome Corporate Park, Susquehanna Valley Schools, Behlog, Dick's Warehouse, Maine's, Universal, Greater Binghamton Transportation Center and more!

57 Shoppers Special

Serves Downtown Binghamton, Binghamton University, Campus Plaza, Parkway Plaza, Town Square Mall, Lourdes Hospital, University Downtown Center and more!