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BC Transit System is not responsible or liable for the accuracy of any information provided by Google Maps and does not validate any trip planning information provided. If you experience difficulty in using the Trip Planner, please contact BC Customer Service at 607.763.4464.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Transit?

Google Transit provides an easy, free and fast way for BC Transit customers to get their route and schedule information. BC Transit wants to help passengers quickly and conveniently find their personalized travel information, and Google Transit provides the technology for this.

Are the times provided in real time?

The times provided by Google Transit are scheduled times found in the BC Transit bus schedules. This also means that temporary detours and service disruptions are not reflected in the trip results. Use these as estimated times of arrival. Arrive early to ensure that you do not miss your bus.

Can Google Transit be accessed on smartphones and tablets?

Google Transit can be accessed on mobile devices through the Google Maps application.

What can I do if aerial map view is out-of-date?

BC Transit reviews information and submits requests as needed for updates. You also may choose to notify Google using the “Report a problem” tool in Google Maps. BC Transit is not responsible for the accuracy of Google Maps, including the road networks and satellite images.

What if I know a better route?

By all means use it! Google Transit uses a complex algorithms to find the best three options for your travel. You may choose when you want to leave, arrive by, and options of best route, fewest transfers, or less walking.

In some cases, when you plan a trip using the Google Trip Planner, you may be provided with a planned trip that involves backtracking, transfers, or extended wait times. In the event this occurs, please contact BC Transit at 607.763.4464 to confirm the connections and determine the fare.

Can I use your GTFS for development of a third party app?

Find more information here about the Google Transit Agreement.