Sustainable Operations Plan & Energy Action Plan

Broome County received a grant in 2023 from the Appalachian Regional Commission to develop a strategic plan that analyzes the County's current and future operational and energy needs. The strategic studies to be developed will include the Broome County Sustainable Operations Plan, and Broome County Energy Action Plan.

Preliminary goals for the project include:

  • establish historical and regional context for these issues,
  • assess current conditions,
  • outline future community impacts and benefits,
  • develop goals and targets for the future, and
  • profile various projects that will help the County meet its goals.

The project will produce valuable data and information that will support other planning activities and be integrated into the updated Broome County Comprehensive Plan.

Broome County Planning staff is working with our consultants at LaBella, PC and Keystone Associates to develop the strategic plan and studies. Final plans can be viewed below. 

Broome County Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Analysis

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Broome County Energy Benchmarking Analysis

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Broome County Project Contact:
Aimee Dailey, Senior Planner
Broome County Planning & Economic Development Department