Triple Cities Innovation Corridor

Our Mission

    The Triple Cities Innovation Corridor is the hub of Broome County’s innovation economy bringing together research-based anchor institutions, creative and forward-thinking companies from start-ups to corporate leaders, and public investment in placemaking, entrepreneurship and workforce development. Centering on the area’s urban corridor, the hubs of Binghamton, Johnson City, and Endicott are home to leaders in Technology, Health Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing creating a bold and exciting environment for creativity, discovery, and collaboration. Vibrant arts and cultural opportunities, plentiful recreational amenities, and diverse communities inspire the creativity essential to growing the local economy and supporting the collaborative, innovative spirit.

    The collaborative framework of the innovation corridor is centered around shared principles that inform our cooperative efforts that include:

    • Shared vision for growth
    • Diversity of innovation areas with cross-disciplinary collaboration
    • Cultivation of a unique identity and sense of place.
    • Establishment of visible innovation initiatives
    • Support established people, places and neighborhoods

    You can view and share our fact sheet highlighting the TCIC.

    TCIC Objectives

    The overall objective of the Triple Cities Innovation Corridor (TCIC) is to support an entrepreneurial ecosystem by fostering an innovation-based culture that leverages the economic, physical and networking assets within the district. Specific objectives include:

    • Establish a collaborative leadership network of public, private and higher education entities
    • Enable the pursuit of talent and technology through projects and programs
    • Connect new and emerging entrepreneurs with resources and mentorship
    • Foster connections with education and learning
    • Capitalize on underused community assets for workforce attraction
    • Utilize public space as an opportunity to highlight innovative ideas and showcase the innovative culture
    • Support efforts to sustain the innovation district as a 24/7 cultural destination with an authentic identity
    • Cultivate and nurture connections between individual innovation district hubs



    Binghamton – Technology and Arts

    Located in the heart of downtown Binghamton, the Binghamton Innovation District encompasses the area north of the Susquehanna River, south of the Norfolk Southern railroad, east of Front Street and west of the Brandywine Highway. This 300 + acre iDistrict has over 8,000 jobs and includes dozens of companies and employers such as Binghamton University, SUNY Broome, Security Mutual, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, McFarland Johnson, IBI Group, CPL: Architecture, Engineering, and Planning, and numerous federal, state, and local government offices. This iDistrict is anchored on one end by the Southern Tier Koffman High Technology Incubator, and is home to over 50 clean energy, tech, and other innovative startups, and on the other end by the Forum Theatre, located in a vibrant arts’ district. In addition to being a hub for innovation and commercial activities, the Binghamton iDistrict’s accessibility and concentration of housing options, restaurants, entertainment venues, green spaces, multi-use trails, public art, and available real estate make it a great place to take root and grow.

    Johnson City – Health Sciences and Culture

    The Johnson City Innovation District is a hub for transformation that builds on the momentum of the on-going revitalization occurring in the downtown. The Johnson City iDistrict covers 200 + acres and encompasses the area north of Grand Avenue, south of the Norfolk Southern railroad, east of NYS Route 201 and west of the village border. The iDistrict’s anchor institutions include the 12-acre Binghamton University Health Sciences Campus and the 280-bed UHS Wilson Medical Center - over 400,000 square feet of new/planned facilities between the two anchors will expand research advancements, create opportunities for better practice, and generate innovative startup companies. Efforts to enhance the quality of life in the iDistrict include the addition of more than 260 housing units at Century Sunrise Apartments and the Victory Lofts, public space improvements at the centrally located Jenison Park as well as the creation of more than two acres of additional greenspace, and new cultural opportunities through public art and the completion of the Goodwill Theatre Performing Arts Complex. The emergence of Johnson City iDistrict marks a unique opportunity to join the community and build your future.

    Endicott – Advanced Manufacturing

    Located in downtown Endicott, the Endicott Innovation District covers 300 + acres of land north of Main Street, south of Watson Boulevard, east of Harrison/Robble Avenue, and west of Kentucky Avenue as well as Endicott’s Little Italy. This iDistrict is centered on Huron Campus, a 4 million + square feet complex, home to a rich network of innovative manufacturing companies including, BAE Systems, IBM, Binghamton University’s Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing, Imperium 3, and Ubiquity Solar among others. This iDistrict has flexible development opportunities, housing, robust infrastructure that is expanding to meet new technology needs, and a variety of networking and public spaces. The Endicott iDistrict has the essential components to transform the way you live, work, and grow your business.

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