Sustainable Operations Plan & Energy Action Plan

Broome County received a grant in 2023 from the Appalachian Regional Commission to develop a strategic plan that analyzes the County's current and future operational and energy needs. The strategic studies to be developed will include the Broome County Sustainable Operations Plan, and Broome County Energy Plan. Click the link above to learn more!

Sustainable Broome Education Program

The Sustainable Broome Lunch and Learn Panelist Series is a new sustainability education initiative centered around providing workshop-like sessions on a bimonthly basis that will bring together community members and experts in the sustainability and resiliency spaces across the County.  There is a large amount of progress being completed at the different levels of government, non-profits, education institutions, and private sector and we want to create a space to share these achievements.  Sessions will have a main sustainability focus area where guest speakers will present relevant projects, programs, research, and/or opportunities.  Our goal is to provide local information about what is happening right in our backyard, how to get involved in sustainability efforts throughout our communities, and what steps each municipality and community member can take to decrease their impact on our interconnected-climate systems. Click the link above to learn more and register for our next Session!

Sustainable Broome Climate Change Fact Sheet 

Climate Smart Communities

Broome County CSC Profile

Bronze Certification Report

Clean Energy Communities 

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Energy Planning and Initiatives

No-Cost Fleet Electrification Analysis Program

In 2023, Broome County was selected by NYSERDA as the Southern Tier's regional participant to receive a no-cost Fleet Electrification Analysis through their new Fleet Electrification Analysis Program.  As a NYSERDA-designated Clean Energy Community (CEC) and a Bronze-Certified Climate Smart Community (CSC), Broome County has established itself as a leader through its commitment to implementing solutions that address energy efficiency, sustainability, and emissions reduction goals.  Through this opportunity our municipality was able to be one of the first participants in this new Program and work to further advance our climate leadership efforts.

Through the completion of a fleet electrification feasibility study, Broome County was able to collaboratively work with NYSERDA, the Cadmus Group, and our Broome County Fleet Manager, to identify which vehicles are best suited for electrification.  Our analysis will help us to determine whether one or more of our fleet vehicles can be replaced by an EV, succeeding both economically and operationally.  This includes such factors as rough approximations of energy use relative to EV battery capacity, economics, and parking arrangements.  Check out the NYSERDA approved Broome County Fleet Electrification Analysis below!

Click here to view the full analysis.

NYSERDA Featured Story!

Broome County was featured as a 'Featured Success Story' in 2023. Check out the article below to learn why!