Broome County Seeks Input on Housing Needs

Broome County announced Monday the launch of a public survey to gather information about local housing needs. This information will support development of strategies as part of a countywide plan to address housing challenges in Broome County. The survey, which can be accessed at, seeks input on residents’ housing experiences, including the availability and affordability of housing, and potential barriers to securing appropriate housing.

The Broome County Department of Planning and Economic Development will use the results of the survey develop a Housing Needs Assessment, which will identify existing and future housing needs and critical housing gaps and issues. The assessment will inform a vision for housing in Broome County and guide housing-related programs and projects over the next five to ten years. Ultimately, the plan will identify innovative housing solutions and actionable steps to help address the unique housing challenges facing Broome County.

“This study is the County’s first comprehensive countywide housing assessment and is an important step in addressing the housing challenges caused by decades of disinvestment, concentrations of poverty, aging populations, flood risk, and social vulnerability,” said Beth Lucas, Broome County Director of Planning. “We hope for a wide response from the public on this survey.”

Broome County is encouraging all households to complete the survey and provide their feedback. We ask that local employers and organizations help spread the word and share the survey with the community.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and will remain open until Friday, June 23, 2023. For more information, visit

Publish Date
May 22, 2023