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Broome County Public Art Map
There are dozens of public art installations scattered throughout Broome County. In partnership with the Department of Public Art, Broome county developed an interactive map that that will allow users to plan their route and browse public art in the community.

iDistricts Murals and Mosaics Public Art Program

To view photos and information about the public art installations completed through this program, check out our Featured Projects page.

The public art movement developed quickly throughout Broome County over the last few years. In an effort to continue this momentum and further enhance the cultural identity of our downtown areas, the Broome County Department of Planning worked with the Broome County Arts Council to develop the iDistricts Murals and Mosaics Public Art Program. The goal of this program is to create more public art in our community with a series of murals and mosaics in the Binghamton, Endicott, and Johnson City iDistricts. Currently, we are in the planning phase of the project and looking to identify potential sites for the public art. The iDistricts Murals & Mosaics program is made possible by a grant from the Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council’s Greater Binghamton Fund.



How Do I Register my Property for the iDistrict Murals and Mosaics Public Art Program?

Property Owner Interest Forms must be submitted by October 28th, 2022.

Any property owner that wishes to have their wall considered for a mural or mosaic must complete the iDistrict Call for Walls Form. The form includes questions about contact information, building location (must be within one of the three iDistricts), wall dimensions, wall materials, condition of the wall, property insurance, and willingness to prepare the wall and obtain necessary permits or approvals. Once submitted, we will include your building/wall in our database of potential mural/mosaic sites for the program. If you own multiple properties that you would like to be considered, please complete a separate interest form for each property. All serious property owners must submit an interest form for consideration.

Many factors including, but not limited to the location, visibility, size, historic character of building, surface conditions, and site accessibility will be evaluated when determining the mural/mosaic project site. The building owner/business will not receive compensation for the creation or display of the art. This artwork must be maintained on the building (exterior) for at least ten years. 

Murals will be funded on a rolling basis over the course of the program and agreements will be established as projects are approved. If you have any questions or need more information please contact the Broome County Planning Department at 607-778-2390 or email 

Please note, completing the property owner interest form does not guarantee your property will be selected for a mural or mosaic and does not signify any final commitment.


What Happens if My Wall is Chosen For a Mural?

If selected, property owners will be verified using County tax records and required to enter into an agreement that outlines right-of-entry, installation, building preparation and maintenance, along with other expectations and responsibilities. Broome County and the BCAC will work with the property owner to facilitate the artist/design selection process. Grant funds will be paid directly to the artists and do not cover the cost of wall preparation or maintenance. Property owners will be responsible for obtaining all required approvals and permits from their local municipality. Keep in mind, properties that are within a historic district, are local landmarks, or are listed/eligible for the National Register of Historic Places may require additional review and approval by the local municipality and the New York State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). The Broome County Planning Department can offer technical assistance, if needed.

In summary, expectations of property owners who are selected for the program include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Work closely with Broome County, the artist, and other involved parties to coordinate the project
  • Enter into an agreement with Broome County
  • Prepare the proposed wall to accept artwork, in accordance with artist’s needs
  • Maintain artwork in good condition for ten (10) years
  • Provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance that meets Broome County’s Risk and Insurance Requirements
  • Obtain all permits and approvals required for the project


Do I get to Choose an Artist?

Please keep in mind, the purpose of this program is not to commission an art piece for private property owners. It is not the intent of the program to dictate or control the content of the public art. However, the property owner and the artist must discuss and agree on idea(s) for the theme of the mural before being approved to participate in the program and progressing to a final design.

In the Spring of 2020, the Broome County Arts Council released a Call for Artists to identify professional artists who wished to be considered for the iDistricts Murals and Mosaics Public Art Program. After reviewing proposals, a number of local and nationally/internationally renowned artists were selected to move forward in the program. Broome County and the Broome County Arts Council will work with the property owners to facilitate the artist/design selection process. Property owners that are selected will have a chance to review the artists and identify their top three choices. Partnerships with specific artists cannot be guaranteed; decisions will be based off artists availability and project funding. In order to ensure broad participation by a variety of artists, each artist may only be selected for one public art project under this program. Once selected, they will no longer be eligible for additional projects at other properties.

Other Public Art Considerations

  • All murals/mosaics must be visible from the public right-of-way
  • Property owners should take into account the surrounding businesses and residents
  • Commercial signs or messages will not be eligible under this program
  • Property owners should think about staging areas for the artists’ materials/equipment
  • The wall should be physically stable and secure, and must be cleaned/prepared to accept the mural/mosaic


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