OFA Ride

Prepare for Your Ride

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When will my bus come?

  • We will contact you with your pick up times.
  • Please be ready to board 15 minutes before your scheduled pick up time.
  • Traffic, weather, and other unforeseen factors may affect bus arrival time.
  • The bus may arrive as much as fifteen minutes after your scheduled pick up time without being considered late.

Where do I wait for the bus?

  • Wait where you can see the bus coming.
  • As the bus approaches, make yourself visible to the driver.
  • The driver cannot go inside to get you.
  • You must be able to get to and from the bus even if assisted by another person or service animal.
  • Drivers cannot back up or put the bus in a position which may cause damage to the bus, surrounding property, compromise safety, or block roadways.

Board the Bus

BC Lift Steps

How do I get on?

Buses are step entrance with a handrail. You may also use the power lift located on the back of the bus.

Deposit your donation in the fare box.

Mobility Aid Accessibility

Our buses will transport any mobility device that fits on the bus without compromising safety, damaging the bus or obstructing the aisle in a way that would prevent other passengers from safely walking past the device. Specific questions can be answered by calling the B.C. Transit office at 607.763.4464.

For your safety:

  • Riders in wheelchairs or similar mobility aides must be facing forward while the bus is in motion.
  • Wheelchairs must be secured to the floor of the bus.
  • We will offer wheelchair users a seatbelt or shoulder harnesses for additional safety.

How long will my ride take?

The length of your ride depends mostly on where you want to go. This is a shared ride service, and we will likely have other people on the bus with various pick up and drop off locations. Other factors include traffic, weather and unforeseen conditions.  We will make every reasonable effort to get you to your destination on time.

If you have an appointment, plan to request your pick up time at least 15 minutes or more before your appointment time to ensure your on time arrival.

What happens when I reach my destination?

For your safety, please wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before attempting to get off the bus. If you are using a wheel chair or other mobility device, please wait for the driver to release any tiedowns, seatbelts or restraints. The driver will operate the power lift as needed.

We will make every reasonable effort to get as close to the curb of your destination as possible. We cannot back up, block roadways or position the bus in a way which would make it unsafe for you or others.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, you can. There is no charge for an escort 60 or over on the OFA Mini-Bus. Donations are appreciated to sustain the service.

We will charge a $3.00 fare for any escort under age 60.

What if I miss my bus?

If you miss your scheduled pick up time, it will count as a "no show" and you should contact us as soon as possible. Three no shows in 30 day period may result in a 30 day suspension of service.

Travel Training

Travel training is available to learn more about using the OFA Mini-Bus, BC Transit fixed route bus system, and other travel options. Contact our Mobility Manager for more information.


Can I ask a question?

Contact us with any complaints or concerns. Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate your transportation needs.

Many questions may be answered in our BC Transit Policy Manual.