How to Pay for Your Ride

How do I pay cash fare?

When paying cash fare, insert bills in the bill receptor or coins in the coin receptor. We do not accept pennies. We only accept U.S. currency.

Our fareboxes accept $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills. Drivers cannot make change. If you pay more than the required fare, you will be issued a change card which is good for your next ride. We cannot issue cash refunds for the value on your change card or apply it to another purchase.

If paying reduced cash fare, we ask that you show the driver a qualifying reduced fare card before paying.

How do I use a bus pass or ride card?

When you get a new bus pass or ride card you will have to activate it by inserting it in the Ticket Reading Issuing Mechanism (TRIM) on top of the farebox.

After you activate your bus pass, you will see the first use date, and the end date. Bus passes are valid for 1, 7, or 31 consecutive days of use. Bus passes will expire on the end date at 11:59PM.

Each time you get on a bus after your bus is activated, simply swipe it through the card reader slot found in the upper right corner.

How do I use a transfer ticket?

If you need more than one bus to complete your one way trip, you may request a transfer ticket. Transfer tickets are issued only to passengers paying cash fare or using a ride card. Bus pass users do not need a transfer ticket.

Transfers are good for one (1) hour after being issued. Transfers are good on any route except the route on which the transfer was issued. Transfer tickets are only valid at these designated transfer points:

  • BC Junction
  • Front/Main (Binghamton)
  • Prospect/Glenwood (Binghamton)
  • Washington/Main (Endicott)
  • Binghamton University
  • Country Club/Hooper (Endwell)
  • Glendale Technology Park (Endicott)
  • Town Square Mall (Vestal)
  • Chenango Park n Ride
  • Main/Willow (Johnson City)
  • Oakdale Mall (Endicott)
  • Vestal/Park (Binghamton)