BC Country Phone System

Reservations must be made at least two (2) business days in advance and no more than one week in advance. Only registered users may reserve rides.

Dial: 763-8747

Press or say 3 for BC Country

Reservations can be made Monday-Friday, 8 am - 4 pm

Reservations made on major holidays are not accepted.

To Make a Reservation: Press or say 1

Answer each question and then press the pound key (#, found under the “9” on your telephone keypad). This will advance you to the next question.

1. Your first and last name. When finished, press #

2. Your telephone number. When finished, press #

3. Your pickup address. When finished, press #

4. The address where you would like to travel to. When finished, press #

5. The date you would like to travel. When finished, press # Note: If you are making reservations for more than one day and are going to the same place, at the same time, for all your rides, leave all the dates here. For example, April 4th through the 8th, or April 4th, 6th and 8th.

6. The time you would like to be picked up. When finished, press #

7. Specify the time of your appointment, if you have one. When finished, press #

8. The time you would like to be returned. When finished, press #

9. Is someone accompanying you on this trip? (We only allow 2 people to travel with the rider). When finished, press #

To make another reservation: Press 1

To end: Press 2 

You will be given a confirmation number, please write it down 

To Cancel a Reservation: Press or say 2

Leave a message stating you are canceling a reservation. Make sure to leave your full name, the date you want to cancel and if you are canceling the pickup, return or both.

Listen to Emergency Information: Press or say 3