57 Shoppers Special Sunday


BC Junction Town Sq Mall Oakdale Commons W BC Junction
A C D   A
10:00a 10:15a 10:30a W 10:55a
11:00a 11:15a 11:30a W 11:55a
12:00p 12:15p 12:30p W 12:55p
1:00p 1:15p 1:30p W 1:55p
2:00p 2:15p 2:30p W 2:55p
3:00p 3:15p 3:30p W 3:55p
4:00p 4:15p 4:30p W 4:55p


(W): Bus serves Wegmans after the Oakdale Commons.

(G): Bus returns to Garage

(57): Becomes 57 Shoppers Special upon arrival at BC Junction