35 Endicott Sunday Outbound


Notes BC Junction Main/ Ave B Oakdale Commons Hooper/ Watson Wash/ Broad Glen Tech Park
  A B C D E F
W 10:00a 10:15a 10:25a 10:30a 10:40a 10:50a
M 11:00a 11:15a 11:25a 11:30a 11:40a 11:50a
W 12:00p 12:15p 12:25p 12:30p 12:40p 12:50p
M 1:00p 1:15p 1:25p 1:30p 1:40p 1:50p
W 2:00p 2:15p 2:25p 2:30p 2:40p 2:50p
M 3:00p 3:15p 3:25p 3:30p 3:40p 3:50p
W 4:00p 4:15p 4:25p 4:30p 4:40p 4:50p
M 5:00p 5:15p 5:25p 5:30p 5:40p 5:50p


Outbound: Shows direction of travel. The outbound 12 bus travels from BC Junction (A) to Saratoga Apts (C) [Read more about reading BC Transit schedules]

A, B, C etc: Shows time point bus stops along the route. The bus will not leave time point until the time listed.

---: No service provided at time point

X: Express to Endwell/Endicott. The bus travels along the George F Highway between Johnson to Main St, Endwell. There is no service on Hooper Rd, Watson Blvd, Harry L Dr, Oakdale Commons nor Oakdale Rd when traveling on the 35 Express.

W: Bus travels via Watson Blvd & Country Club Rd in Endicott and Endwell

M: Bus travels via Main St, Endwell