35 Endicott-Binghamton Monday-Friday Outbound


Notes BC Junction Main/ Ave B Oakdale Commons Hooper Watson Wash / Broad Glen Tech Park
  A B C D E F
X 5:45a 5:55a --- --- 6:10a 6:20a
X 6:10a 6:20a --- --- 6:35a 6:45a
M 6:30a 6:45a 6:55a 7:00a 7:10a ---
X 6:50a 7:00a --- ----(N) 7:15a 7:25a
ES 7:10a 7:25a 7:35a 7:40a 7:50a ---
X 7:30a 7:40a ----- ----- 7:55a 8:05a
M 7:50a 8:05a 8:15a 8:20a 8:30a ---
X,WC 8:10a 8:20a --- --- 8:35a 8:45a
W 8:30a 8:45a 8:55a 9:00a 9:10a ---
X 8:50a 9:00a --- --- 9:15a 9:25a
M 9:10a 9:25a 9:35a 9:40a 9:50a ---
X 9:30a 9:40a --- --- 9:55a 10:05a
ES 9:50a 10:05a 10:15a 10:20a 10:30a ---
X,WC 10:10a 10:20a --- --- 10:35a 10:45a
M 10:30a 10:45a 10:55a 11:00a 11:10a ---
X 10:50a 11:00a --- --- 11:15a 11:25a
W 11:10a 11:25a 11:35a 11:40a 11:50a ---
X 11:30a 11:40a --- --- 11:55a 12:05p
M 11:50a 12:05p 12:15p 12:20p 12:30p ---
X,WC 12:10p 12:20p --- --- 12:35p 12:45p
ES 12:30p 12:45p 12:55p 1:00p 1:10p ---
X 12:50p 1:00p --- --- 1:15p 1:25p
M 1:10p 1:25p 1:35p 1:40p 1:50p ---
X 1:30p 1:40p --- --- 1:55p 2:05p
W 1:50p 2:05p 2:15p 2:20p 2:30p ---
X,WC 2:10p 2:20p --- --- 2:35p 2:45p
M 2:30p 2:45p 2:55p 3:00p 3:10p ---
X 2:50p 3:00p --- --- 3:15p 3:25p
ES 3:10p 3:25p 3:35p 3:40p 3:50p ---
X 3:30p 3:40p --- ---- 3:55p 4:05p
M 3:50p 4:05p 4:15p 4:20p 4:30p ---
X 4:10p 4:20p --- --- 4:35p 4:45p
W 4:30p 4:45p 4:55p 5:00p 5:10p ---
X 5:00p 5:10p --- --- 5:25p 5:35p
M 5:10p 5:25p 5:35p 5:40p 5:50p ---
W 6:00p 6:15p 6:25p 6:30p 6:40p 6:55p
M 7:00p 7:15p 7:25p 7:30p 7:40p 7:55p
W 8:00p 8:15p 8:25p 8:30p 8:40p 8:55p
M 9:00p 9:15p 9:25p 9:30p 9:40p ---


Outbound: Shows direction of travel. The outbound 35 bus travels from BC Junction (A) to the Glendale Technology Park (F) [Read more about reading BC Transit schedules]

A, B, C etc: Shows time point bus stops along the route. The bus will not leave time point until the time listed.

---: No service provided at time point

X:Express to Endwell/Endicott. The bus travels along the George F Highway between Johnson to Main St, Endwell. There is no service on Hooper Rd, Watson Blvd, Harry L Dr, Oakdale Mall nor Oakdale Rd when traveling on the 35 Express. Bus will use 35 Express Stops only.

W: Bus travels via Watson Blvd & Country Club Rd in Endicott and Endwell

M: Bus travels via Main St, Endwell.

ES: At the intersection of Hooper/Watson, the bus will turn right and travel north on Hooper Rd, providing service to Weis and Marian Apts on request, please call 607.778.1692 or 607.763-4464 at least 30 minutes in advance. The bus will then turn around, head south on Hoooper Rd, to right on Country Club Rd, left on Center St, left on Crescent St, right on Willis St, right on Watson St, left on N. McKinley Ave, right on North St, left on Washington Ave.

WC: After the bus serves the stop at Main/Nanticoke, there will not be inbound service on Main St, please board the outbound bus. The bus will serve the West Corners area, Day Hallow Rd, Weis and Nanticoke Ave.

(N): Bus will serve NCI Endicott before going to Washington Ave, Endicott. 35M will serve NCI after leaving Washington Ave and becoming inbound bus.