Hazardous Waste & Electronics Recycling Drop Off Dates

COVID-19 Announcements

*While the landfill is still operating all landfill users must wear a mask and follow established NY COVID-19 guidelines

Collections held at Broome County Landfill (286 Knapp Rd., Binghamton, NY)
Collection Operating Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Drop off is free for households on designated days only; non-designated days the cost is $5.00/vehicle each trip
** Tioga County residents may use the facility on designated collection days from April to November only.

Businesses must call 607.763.4305 for more information and cost.

2020 DESIGNATED FREE DROP OFF DAYS  Printable Schedule

Sept    2, 12, 26
Oct     7, 10, 24
Nov    4, 7, 21
Dec    2, 19