Highway Patrol

The Broome County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division is comprised of highly trained members who are prepared to respond to any incident that happens in any of the sixteen towns, seven villages, or the City of Binghamton, which make up the County of Broome. The Broome County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division is the primary Law Enforcement agency for 48% of the residents in Broome County. The Patrol Division serves the residents of Broome County as they attend school, go to work and shop outside the city and village limits within the county. The Patrol Division also provides law enforcement services to the other six municipal police agencies within the county and answers calls for service in their respective jurisdiction when the need arises. The Patrol Division enforces the laws of the State of New York and does so while proactively patrolling 1,008 miles of State Highways, 350 miles of county roadways, and 927 miles of town roads on a twenty-four-hour a day, seven days a week basis. The Patrol Division is also equipped to handle specialized calls for service by deploying the Marine Unit, the Motor Unit, the K-9 unit, and the SWAT Special Weapons and Tactics Team when the need arises.

The Patrol Division is staffed by the following positions:

1 Captain
1 Lieutenant
6 Sergeants
33 Deputies

Broome County Sheriff's Office - Law Enforcement Use of Force Policy:



The Office of the Sheriff, in order to meet its responsibilities to the public, establishes the following as a statement of commitment. It is the mission of the Office of the Sheriff to:             

Enforce, fairly and impartially, all duly constituted laws of the State of New York and the County of Broome.

Investigate, identify, apprehend and assist in the prosecution of offenders using modern police methods and technologies.

       Respond quickly, efficiently, and professionally to all reported crimes,  emergencies, disasters, and any other situation required by the public.

       Securely, safely and humanely keep all prisoners committed to the custody of the Sheriff, and offer those offenders opportunities for self-improvement.

       Offer all employees the ability to improve their performance and experience through professional training while providing the public opportunities for involvement and education.

       Promulgate a safe work environment within the confines of the nature of the work.

       Cooperate with surrounding police and corrections agencies in training and enforcement in order to create an improved criminal justice system.

       Cooperate with all county agencies to improve the County and community while providing services at a cost-effective level.