Community Policing

One full-time Deputy runs the Broome County Sheriff’s Community Policing office. The Deputy is also liasian to area school districts to assist with educational lessons at the request of each school district. These lessons are but are not limited to drug abuse, adolescence, delinquent behavior, violence, laws and policies, and law enforcement careers. The officer is also part of the emergency planning for all districts. Officers assist the districts with all emergency plans and training exercises for the plans. 

The Sheriff’s community policing office currently has eleven active neighborhood watch communities throughout Broome County. The neighborhood watch program brings neighbors together to benefit themselves and the police by being extra eyes and ears able to gather information and to report it if necessary. Members become more aware of their surroundings and the people that should or should not be in their neighborhood. All members of the neighborhood watch are encouraged to take an active role in making their area a safe place in which to live.  The Sheriff's Office teams up with the National Neighborhood Watch, which is a division of the National Sheriffs' Association. Contact our Community Policing Division if you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch Group in your community.  

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The Community Policing Division is also active in the local TRIAD – an organization that is made up of Sheriff, Chiefs of Police, and retired persons – for the purpose of implementing effective crime prevention and education programs for senior citizens. We speak to many senior citizen groups on safety issues, fraud, and telemarketing fraud.  Contact our Community Policing Division if you would like a Deputy to speak at your community event.  

Community Policing also uses special equipment for “Project Safe Child”. We are able to make cards with biographical information as well as digital photo and digital fingerprints for the parents or legal guardians of a child. The information can be authorized to be stored in the Missing and Exploited Children’s Clearing House database if the parent or legal guardian chooses in case the child is missing the information can be quickly accessed by law enforcement and put out on the Amber Alert System.


To request Project Safe Child:

To request Project Safe Child at your community event:

Please call, or email Civil Chief Jessie Genter at:  

Office:  607-778-1908 or


 The Community Policing Division also participates in the Yellow Dot Program through the New York State Sheriff's Association.  Yellow Dot is a free program designed to help first responders provide life-saving medical attention during the first "gold hour" after a crash or other emergency.  A Yellow Dot in the rear window of your vehicle will alert first responders that vital medical information is stored in the glove compartment.  Yellow dots can also be placed on a front door of a residence and the vital medical information can be in the residence on the refrigerator.  


To request a Yellow Dot:

Click on the link to have one mailed to you:

New York State Sheriff's Association

Call:  607-778-1168

Project Lifesaver is a program started in Broome County in June of 2015 to assist families in locating a loved one lost while wandering due to disease or special need.  The Program consists of a band transmitter, which is not much larger than a wrist watch, placed on an ankle or wrist.  The band transmits a specific FM radio frequency which can be located by Sheriff Deputies during an incident, using special equipment.  Client’s information is stored confidentially at the County 911 Communication Center for quick access.  Upon notification of an incident, trained members of the Sheriff’s Office will respond with a directional receiver designed to locate the missing client.  

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Project Lifesaver Forms:

Project Lifesaver Brochure

Client Interest Letter

Project Lifesaver Client Profile Form (Required)

Project Lifesaver Agreement Form (Required)

For questions on how to enroll:

Call or email our Community Policing Office at:

Office: 607-778-1168 

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BCSO Project Lifesaver - Overview

BCSO Project Lifesaver - A "how to" video

The Sheriff’s Office has 2 portable Speed Trailers with has a variable message sign mounted.  These trailers are powered completely by a solar panel mounted on top.  The speed of oncoming vehicles can be displayed on such signs to vehicles passing.  The more valuable information is the traffic statistics recorded by such speed signs.  These statistics are reviewed and priority for traffic/speed enforcement is then determined after the removal of the sign.  Many residents complain of speeding vehicles near their homes, or businesses and these signs have been a great asset in determining the need for traffic enforcement in the areas.  Deputies can then prioritize where and when they are going to conduct traffic enforcement based on this information.  

To request a speed trailer:

Click here to download the release form and mail it to:

Broome County Sheriff's Office / Community Policing Division

155 Lt. VanWinkle Drive

Binghamton, NY 13905


To request data from the speed trailer:

Call or email our Community Policing Office at:



Provided below is a Business Security Checklist that details many avenues of safety and security including, physical safety, cash management procedures, how to handle alarms, etc.  The safety and security of your business are important to the Sheriff's Office and the community you're in.  If you wish to have a Deputy come to your place of business and speak to you or your employees about any safety or security topic - please contact the Sheriff's Office Community Policing Office at 607-778-1168.

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Is your home a target for a burglary?  Click here for an easy-to-use checklist for burglary prevention.  

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Common Scams: Don't Be Fooled

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