Building & Grounds Division

The Buildings and Grounds Division of Public Works provides support services for all departments throughout Broome County Government.

  • Primary maintenance operations to the Court House Complex, the Fleet Garage, George Harvey Justice Building, Edwin L. Crawford County Office Building, Public Safety Facility and Dog Shelter.
  • Secondary maintenance operations to the Greater Binghamton Airport (Edwin A. Link Field), Libraries, Arena, Forum, Health, Mental Health, Transit, Social Services, Central Foods, Department of Motor Vehicles, WPNH, and Highway Garage.
  • Primary maintenance operations of the Governmental Plaza, under the Government Tripartite Agreement.

These services are provided by three units under the leadership of the Deputy Commissioner:

  • Fleet Management
  • Custodial Services
  • Maintenance Services

To provide quicker response and more efficient utilization of resources, the maintenance services have been divided into four areas:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning group
  • Support staff assigned to the Willow Point Nursing Facility
  • Support staff assigned to the Public Safety Facility
  • A diverse group of skilled craftsmen whose services are assigned where needed


Provide a diverse range of efficient and cost-effective high quality services which will ensure uninterrupted facility utilization while providing an atmosphere of professionalism to both internal and external customers.