Highway Division

The Broome County Public Works Highway Division is located off Highland Road in Chenango Bridge New York. The Division's facilities occupy 31,850 square feet, which includes: a maintenance shop, garage, storage area and office space.

The Highway Division is responsible for: The maintenance and upkeep of 343.24 centerline miles of roads and is responsible for maintaining 105 bridges with spans of 20 feet or more, 150 culverts with diameters ranging from five (5) to twenty (20) feet and 3,500 culverts with diameters of five (5) feet or less. This involves the inspection and evaluation of county roads and bridges, and planning, reconstruction, repair and maintenance projects.

The Highway Division is responsible for: The administration, operation and maintenance of highway bridge and capital projects; this includes road widening and straightening, resurfacing and patching of existing county roads to ensure that maintenance is at required engineering standards and safety levels. Emphasis is also placed on snow and ice control. The department also assists other local municipalities with specialized equipment and expertise.

Revenues attributed to the operation of Highway Department County Road Fund are derived primarily from the sale of supplies such as road signs, sand/salt mix to other local governments, and highway work permit fees for work completed by utility companies and others in highway right-of-way. State Aid revenues fund general highway operating and capital aid under the State Consolidated Local Highway Assistance Program (CHIPS). An interfund transfer from the general fund is received to balance the Highway Department County Road Fund.


To provide a highway road system to move people and goods throughout the county, in a cost effective, efficient and professional manner, to enhance community growth, economic well-being and quality of life.