Multi-Family Recycling

By law, every resident, business and school in Broome County is required to recycle.  Multi-family residences including apartment complexes, condominiums, multi-family units, hotels and motels are required to comply with our local law!

Guide For Landlords      


General Information:

Garbage & Recycling Collection:  If you do not have municipal collection the facility manager/landlord is responsible to contract with a private hauler for service.

Recycling Bins: To obtain or replace your 22 gallon curbside recycling bin please contact your private hauler. You are also able to obtain a larger 32 gallon blue bin at the Broome County Landfill.  There is a limit of one 32 gallon bin per household; additional 32 gallon bins can be purchased for a nominal fee.

Develop a collection system: Designate locations where recyclables and garbage will be collected. Make these locations well-known, convenient and efficient. Find out how your hauler would like materials sorted and prepared. For technical support, please call the Division of Solid Waste at 607.778.2250.

  • Place recycling bins in convenient and central areas, such as laundry rooms, trash rooms or mail rooms. 
  • Make sure bins are large enough to accommodate the amount of recycling between collections.
  • Fixing appropriate signage to collection bins will help to keep garbage and recycling separate. 

Space: It is necessary to supply the proper amount of space for your recyclables. 

 An estimate of the amount of area you will need is:

  • 100 square ft. for 10 units with 5 square ft. for each additional unit.
  •  A 40 or 20 yard bin will require at least 160-192 square feet
  • A 3 yard bin will require at least 12 square feet
  • A 2 yard bin will require at least 8 square feet

Educate: Provide recycling education to new residents when they first move in.

  • The Division of Solid Waste Management can provide free educational brochures on recycling, hazardous waste and electronic recycling among other topics.
  • To request a supply of brochures please call 607.778.2250. or email
  • Monitor the program and address issues quickly.