Food Donation & Food Safety

Food Safety should be a priority before donating any and all food

For Nonperishable Items:

  • Donations should be “apparently wholesome” or “an apparently fit grocery product”

This Means

  • Donations should be unopened and without noticeable holes (dented is okay)
  • You may not donate portions of nonperishables that have gone unused (ex: a half-used box of rice)
  • Make sure items are within date and have not expired
  • Items must have readable labels with ingredient information

For Perishable Food:

  • Perishable food or meals made may be donated to a facility serving hot meals if the food has not already “been put out for service” (i.e. buffet style)
    • Contact the organization or charity you wish to donate to first for specific needs and meal size
  • Food must be prepared in a permitted facility and preparations should always follow food safety guidelines

Donors are protected from litigation through the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act and NY State law.

Businesses can apply for a federal  and NY State tax deduction for donations made from their inventory.