Yesteryears is a social program offering frail, isolated, or memory-impaired seniors over 60 years of age structured, supervised activities in a warm, caring environment. This program brings greater quality to the life of the senior in addition to providing caregivers with a much-needed rest. Staff provides support for caregivers through this program, educational information, and referral to other community services. To view the current calendar of activities planned at our two social adult daycare locations, click here: 

Endwell (Wayne Street) Yesteryears

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Binghamton (Isbell Street) Yesteryears

May 2024 Calendar 

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This program:

  • Offers the participants opportunities for socialization with peers.
  • Encourages participants to maintain their maximum level of independence.
  • Provides a variety of creative activities, including: music therapy, light exercise, stimulating discussions and sharing of memories. These are but a few activities that are part of our day.
  • Emphasizes supervision and a more structured environment than our Senior Centers.
  • Provides hot lunches daily through the Office for Aging Nutrition Program.
  • Offers nutritious snacks.
  • Encourages intergenerational visits (from children's day care programs and teen and pre-teen programs).
  • Makes available a hairdresser at scheduled times at the Isbell Street site.
  • Welcomes volunteers to come and give of their time by being a part of our program.

Limited door to door transportation is available within set geographical areas in both Binghamton and Endwell. To review a list of options click here.
Riders who wish to ride on the BC Lift must have a BC Lift card.

Yesteryear volunteers are part of our devoted staff that may assist with games, exercises, reminiscing, and serving lunch. Come and visit and see how you can make a difference! We promise this experience will bring happiness into your life! (For more information, call 607.778.2946)

Prior to attending Yesteryears, each person will need to have an in-home assessment by the Office for Aging. Please call for an appointment, 607.778.2411. Prospective participants are invited to visit for a meet and greet session. this 30-60 minutes meeting provides the participants with an opportunity to meet the staff and engage in some activities. This session serves as the client assessment prior to enrollment. 

Additional resources:

For further information, call Yesteryears at 607.778.2946.

Bill's Story

After experiencing a stroke Bill became socially isolated due to cognitive impairment, poor balance, and no motivation.   He was set up with many services including OT, PT, and Speech Therapy.  His wife discovered Yesteryears Social Day Program.  Bill started attending a couple days a week.  Once he became comfortable at the program transportation was put in place to assist the caregiver and provide him with a sense of independence.  Bill suffered a setback when he had a fall at home.  After a time of rehabilitation, he was able to return to the program.  His wife would bring him.  He used his walker and moved at a slow pace.

After his re-admission to Yesteryears, he began to steadily improve in all areas.  His cognitive abilities improved, as he engaged in discussions and trivia games.  He excels at “Name that Tune”.  He is always good for a laugh, brightening up the day of other participants and staff.  There has been a change in his emotional wellness too. His wife says he is happier and he has told her that there is daily laughter at Yesteryears and he has fun with the staff and other participants.  He has become more motivated at home.  Bill recently began playing his drums again.  He enjoys talking about his music and recently purchased some new bongos.  During a discussion with one of the entertainers at the program, he was invited to bring his drums and play with her the next time she visited. Bill remembered the invitation and brought his drums the following month. He played along with her as if they had rehearsed together. At the end of the “jam session” she invited him to play with her again at the Senior Center.

What Yesteryears Clients Have Said...

What Caregivers Have Said...

Social Engagement …the Rx for improved quality of life.  

Sometimes entering social situations can be intimidating for those who have been shy or are experiencing physical challenges such as hearing, visual, cognitive or mobility impairments.  Yesteryears Social Day Program provides the opportunity for your loved one to engage in social activities in a comfortable, casual, warm and loving environment.

The Yesteryears experience improves self-esteem, fosters independence, and helps participants to feel confident in social settings.  A caregiver recently commented “I have seen noticeable improvement in her anxiety level”.  Another caregiver said her loved one’s memory is improving and he is happy again.  One of our participants stated that participation in the program has helped her to be more responsive to others.   Other comments from participants include: “They treat us like family” and “I love it here!”