Broome Age-Friendly Project

Age-Friendly Communities make a commitment to actively work together toward being a great place to live for people of all ages by engaging citizens, professionals, and government in finding creative, workable solutions to community needs. For more information please review the Broome Age-Friendly Project Brochure. 

The Broome Age-Friendly Project was initiated in 2018 to support planning activities with the goal of making Broome County a great place to live for people of all ages. The first Broome County Age-Friendly Action Plan was submitted to AARP and Broome County was certified by AARP as an age-friendly community in 2019. 

To learn about the most pressing needs older adults face in our community two surveys were completed to date:

- a needs assessment survey was completed in 2019. Results of the 2019 Community survey of older adults can be found here: Age-Friendly Community Survey Data Report (2019).

- a needs assessment survey was completed in 203 in preparation for the new Action Plan to cover 2023 - 2026 timeframe. The results of the survey are available for review here. 

The Broome Age-Friendly Project has created two Actions plans to date:

- Following the first needs assessment several workgroups met to work on defining areas of need. Using their input the 2020- 2023 Age-Friendly Action Plan was submitted to AARP. A status update showing progress toward goals and objectives defined in the 2020-2023 Age Friendly Action Plan is available here.

- Following the 2023 needs assessment the 2023 - 2026 Age-Friendly Action Plan was completed and submitted to AARP for review. 

You can review these additional sources of information to learn more about Age-Friendly Communities and Age-Friendly practices and tips: 

To learn more about the aging demographics for Broome County Municipalities please click on the links listed below. 

Broome County

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On behalf of Broome County and the Broome County Office for Aging, we would like to thank our community and government partners for their support and participation in the Broome Age-Friendly Project. To see the full list of supporting community and government partners please click here