Vacancies and Job Opportunities

The Broome County Department of Personnel posts current job openings. All hiring for these positions is done by the department with the vacancy. Contact information is listed on the details page for each job. A General Employment Application is necessary to apply for each of these positions. Positions are added to and removed from this list as the Department of Personnel is informed of the need to make changes.

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New York State Civil Service, in response to significant challenges filling positions in local government, has instituted the HELP program. This program is in effect for Broome County from July 24, 2023 through July 24, 2024. This program allows us to hire for the following titles without participating in the Civil Service exam or being appointed from an Eligible List: Support Investigator, Social Services Examiner, Caseworker Trainee (DSS), Caseworker (DSS), Public Health Sanitarian, and Emergency Services Dispatcher I. The minimum qualifications must still be met, and the position will initially be placed in the Non-Competitive class. After completion of the required 52 weeks probation, the position will mature into a permanent appointment. For more information please contact the Broome County Department of Personnel 607-778-2222.

All Job Vacancies

Intensive Case Manager
Social Services / Full-time / $25.6792/hr

Investigator (DA)
District Attorney / Part-time / $44,789/yr No benefits (starting 7/1/23)

Investigator - District Attorney
District Attorney / Full-time / $57,471/yr

Keyboard Specialist
Office of Employment and Training / Full-time / $14.50/hr

Keyboard Specialist
Social Services / Full-time / $14.50/hr

Solid Waste Management / Full-time / $15.74/hr

Public Works / Full-time / $15.74/hr

Laborer (Seasonal)
Arena / Temporary / $14.20/hr

Laundry Worker
Willow Point / Full-time / $14.20/hr

Laundry Worker
Willow Point / Part-time / $14.20/hr

Leachate and Wastewater Technician
Solid Waste Management / Full-time / $27.022600/hr

Leisure Time Activities Leader
Office for Aging / Part-time / $14.20/hr

Librarian I
George F. Johnson Library / Part-time / $26.15 - $28.40/hr

Library Assistant
Library / Full-time / $21.5661/hr

Library Clerk
Vestal Public Library / Part-time / $15.00/hr

Licensed Practical Nurse
Willow Point / Full-time / $20.9595/hr

Licensed Practical Nurse
Willow Point / Part-time / $20.9595/hr

Motor Equipment Operator (Medium)
Town of Maine / Full-time / $23.50/hr

Motor Equipment Operator I
Highway / Full-time / $21.95/hr

Motor Vehicle Clerk
County Clerk / Part-time / $15.5382/hr

Offset Duplicating Machine Operator
Information Technology / Full-time / $16.3228/hr

Park Manager
Parks and Youth Services / Full-time / $30.51/hr

Park Technician
Parks and Youth Services / Full-time / $20.79/hr

Parking Attendant
Aviation / Part-time / $14.20/hr

Personnel Clerk
Willow Point / Full-time / $32,171/yr