Instructions, Applications & Forms

To apply for civil service exams or employment with Broome County the completion of various forms is necessary. The forms and instructions can be found below.

When applying for employment with Broome County and its jurisdictions:

NOTE: This is now a PDF fillable form. This will allow you to fill out the form online and print it out. This application is necessary for any position not requiring a civil service examination. If unsure whether an examination is required you may email us at or call 607.778.2222.

When applying for a Broome County civil service examination:

General Employment Information:
This section will provide answers to your questions regarding civil service exam process and general employment application process.

Open-Competitive Examination Application:
This application is necessary when applying to take a civil service examination.  If you have applied for both a Broome County examination and an examination for another jurisdiction, both of  which are scheduled for the same date, you must also submit a Broome County Cross-filing Form indicating the site at which you intend to take your examination.

PROMOTIONAL Examination Application: 
This application is to be used ONLY for a promotional exam, those in which a candidate can promote from within any Broome County department, Town, Village, School District or Special District as specified on exam announcement.

Examination Fee Waiver:
Completion of this form is necessary if you qualify for a waiver of the examination fee.

Cross-Filing Form:
If you have applied for both a Broome County examination and an examination for another jurisdiction, both of  which are scheduled for the same date, you must submit a Broome County Cross-filing Form indicating the site at which you intend to take your examination. The cross-filing form should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the examinations.  Failure to submit the Cross-filing Form in a timely manner may result in our not being able to accomodate your request to sit at your choice of exam sites.  

When taking both a State and Broome County examination, you will be required to take all your examinations at a State examination center. You will be advised by the State when and where to report for your examinations.

Evaluations of Foreign Education:
If the minimum qualifications on an announcement require a degree or course work and you have obtained this education in another country, there is a list of companies that provide evaluations of foreign higher education for New York State employment. ONLY the evaluations performed by these companies will be accepted. Evaluation fees must be paid by the applicant.

Special Testing Requirements:

Religious Accommodation Form:
Those requesting special testing arrangements because of Saturday Sabbath Observance or other Religious Accommodation must submit this form.

Alternate Test Date Policy:
Broome County allows for exams to be given on dates other than those scheduled by New York State in limited situations. The policy states what those circumstances are and explains how to obtain an alternate test date.

Veterans' Information:

Military Law provides special rights for members of the armed forces whose military service conflicts with scheduled civil service testing. Section 243-b (2) of Military Law states that “any member of the organized militia or reserves, who, because of active military duty other than for training purposes, missed the application filing period for an examination and as a result is deprived of the opportunity to compete in an examination, shall be given a special military make-up exam”. Please contact the Broome County Department of Personnel for more information.

Current Employees or those currently on a civil service eligible list:

Candidate Change of Information Form:
The Broome County Department of Personnel will not accept any change of address information if it has not been provided on this form.

Request To Be Placed On A Transfer/Reinstatement List:
This form must be completed by the employee requesting addition to the transfer list.

Department or Agency Forms:
For use by government departments or agencies ONLY

Affirmation of Provisional Appointment Status Form

Affirmation of Temporary Appointment Status Form


Employer Transfer Request Form:
This form must be completed by the department acquiring the transfer candidate.

New Position Duties Statement Form: [ Adobe .pdf ] [ Word .doc ]
Civil Service Law, Section 22: Certification for positions. Before any new position in the service of a civil division shall be created or any existing position in such service shall be reclassified, the proposal therefore, including a statement of the duties of the position, shall be referred to the municipal commission having jurisdiction and such commission shall furnish a certificate stating the appropriate civil service title for the proposed position or the position to be reclassified. Any such new position shall be created or any such existing position reclassified only with the title approved and certified by the commission. Effective 1978

New Position Duties Statement Form: [ Short Form (pdf) ] [ Short Form (doc) ]
This form can be used to create Bus Attendants, Bus Drivers, Cleaners, Food Service Helpers, Pages, School Monitors and Teacher Aides.

Report of Personnel Change (to be used by towns, villages, schools and special districts)

Request For Certification Of Eligibles Form

211 Local Government Request to Employ Retired Public Employee