COVID-19 Vaccination Begins at Willow Point Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

(VESTAL, NY) This weekend the first COVID-19 vaccination clinic took place at Willow Point Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, a 300-bed facility.  

Willow Point Rehabilitation and Nursing Center continues to work closely with the DOH and CDC and is fortunate to be among the first to receive the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine designed to protect our residents and staff.

The vaccine will be administered in-house by Pharmacists from Omnicare, which has partnered with CMS and CDC. The vaccine is voluntary, and all those who receive it must provide an informed consent in the form of a phone call, email or in writing before receiving the vaccine. Responsible parties for the residents have been contacted. Close monitoring following vaccination will be in accordance with the CDC and NYS DOH guidance. 

Omnicare is providing the vaccination clinic dates. On the first clinic day, the vaccine will be administered to all residents who consented and 1/3 of the staff who consented. On the second clinic day, all of those who received the first dose will receive their second dose, and another 1/3 of the staff will receive their first dose, with the second dose to follow, as appropriate. The final 1/3 of the staff will receive their inoculations at a date that is yet to be determined. While we’re in this process, we will continue all of our current infection control practices, as recommended by the CDC, until otherwise directed.

The first clinic took place on January 2nd. Kim Savage, a Unit Clerk at Willow Point was the first employee to receive her COVID-19 vaccine. When asked how she felt about getting the vaccine she said “I’m excited. I work in a nursing home and I think it is important for everyone to get vaccinated to protect myself, the residents, and the staff. I don’t just work here; my mother lives here also and I want her to be safe. Hopefully this vaccine brings us one step closer to living a normal life again. It is a new year with new challenges, and I want to start the year off right.”

Publish Date
January 4, 2021