Tax Cut, Preparedness, and New Investments in Community Highlight County Executive’s Proposed Budget

 As COVID-19 Pandemic Persists, Garnar’s Budget Maintains Critical Services and Builds on Commitment to Fiscal Responsibility

Proposing a fourth-consecutive tax cut, Broome County Executive Jason Garnar presented his 2021 Executive Budget proposal this evening via Zoom to members of the Broome County Legislature, county officials, and residents.

The County Executive detailed a $409 million recommended County budget, which includes reducing the county property tax levy by 0.12%. Garnar also highlighted the elimination of short-term borrowing, a practice the County has relied on for years to balance the budget.

In his address, Garnar also stressed the County’s preparedness as the community continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as his commitment to maintaining critical programs and services residents have come to expect.

“The past 18 months has been, without a doubt, one of the most difficult times in the history of Broome County. But working with the Legislature, our Budget Director, and Department Heads, we have laid the groundwork to weather this unprecedented storm,” Garnar said. “My 2022 budget proposal builds on our commitment to fiscal responsibility, once again cuts taxes, and makes new, targeted investments directly in our neighborhoods to create a better Broome County for everyone.”

The 2022 proposed budget renews a commitment to infrastructure in Broome County by funding a new Deputy Commissioner of Public Works, a position that will enable the County to maintain and repair more of our roads, bridges, buildings and watersheds than ever before. Additionally, a new position in the Planning Department will help modernize every single project taken on by Broome County.

Ensuring the County is the cleanest in New York State is also prioritized within this year’s budget by enhancing and creating new programs within the Department of Solid Waste. Additional community clean up and electronic recycling days will allow the public to dispose of unwanted items for free. A summer youth employment program will create new jobs for young people who will help beautify the community they live in. And the purchase of a new graffiti truck will clean up buildings and streets across the County.

Other highlights from this year’s address include new housing projects throughout the County, improvements in our parks and a renewed commitment to recreational opportunities, new investments in youth mental health, enhanced services for our veterans, and a continued prioritization of economic development.

“Thank you to our Budget Director, Department Heads, and especially my partners on the County Legislature for your commitment to working on behalf of the people of Broome County, especially during these difficult times,” said Garnar. “I look forward to working with all of you to continue moving Broome County forward.”

County Executive Garnar’s recommended 2022 budget now goes to the Broome County Legislature for review and approval this fall.

Publish Date
September 16, 2021