Service Alerts

There are times when buses may unexpectedly have to detour. BC Transit will make every effort to keep you informed as detours occur.

Please review the following rider alerts: 

Binghamton University Move In Days August 18-19, 2019.

Buses will stage in Lot C near the Anderson Center and Science 4. ::READ MORE:: 

BC Transit has updates on these routes:

  • 5 Vestal Ave will start BU helper buses at 8:10 AM (starting 8/21/19) ::READ MORE::
  • 8 Express will have added service to the Carnegie/Koffman Building (starting 8/26/19) ::READ MORE::
  • 9 BU Advantage will have more afternoon service. (starting 8/26/19) ::READ MORE::
  • 15 Leroy St will start BU helper buses at 7:30 AM  (starting 8/21/19)  ::READ MORE::
  • 16 BU Express will have 40-minute service beginning at 7:30 AM. (starting 8/21/19) ::READ MORE::
  • 28 Robinson St will have new times for Binghamton High School morning buses (starting 9/5/19) ::READ MORE::
  • 35 Express will not serve NCI on 7:30 AM inbound weekday departure.  (starting 9/2/19) Schedule Coming Soon!

BC Transit will be closed on Labor Day

BC Transit will be closed and buses will not run on Labor Day, September 2, 2019  ::READ MORE::