Broome County Division of Solid Waste Recognized for Reclamation Project

Broome County Division of Solid Waste’s environmental stewardship efforts have been recognized with regional and state awards, and will now be considered for national recognition. The American Public Works Association’s New York Chapter named Solid Waste’s project to reclaim a portion of the original landfill as an Environmental Project of the Year for both its Central Branch and overall State Chapter. As a result of winning a statewide award, the project has been nominated for a national award by the full APWA.

“Our Division of Solid Waste has done an amazing job to increase capacity and mitigate the impacts on our environment through the reclamation project. This project positively impacts every single Broome County resident, all of whom rely on the critical services provided by our landfill. Congratulations to Director Debra Smith and her entire team who have made the reclamation project a success.”

“The Phase I Landfill Reclamation project is an innovative project that addresses environmental impacts and extends the capacity of the landfill facility. Division staff have worked hard to bring this project to fruition and are honored to have these efforts recognized by the APWA. The Division of Solid Waste continues to strive to be a state-of-the-art facility.”

The award-winning project completed Phase I in 2022, successfully relocating 1.1 million cubic yards of waste resulting in the reclamation of approximately 20 acres of space at the landfill. In doing so, the Division of Solid Waste has reduced leachate generation and overall environmental impacts, as well as created a footprint for new landfill airspace. The first phase of the project was an overall success by meeting the initial goals, but also by simplifying site operations and allowing landfill staff to focus on other areas. The overall project, through multiple phases, involves the consolidation of 40 acres of waste dating back approximately 50 years from unlined areas at the landfill.

Publish Date
March 7, 2023