Separate from other Construction and Demolition materials and take to:

The Pallet Shop
PO Box 2827, Binghamton NY 
Monday-Friday 6am-4pm
Call 607.206.8716

 Broome County Landfill 
286 Knapp Rd., Binghamton, NY
Mon-Fri 7:00am-2:45pm 
Sat 7:00am-11:45am.  
Cost: no charge (residents only).                             
Call 607.778.2250 for more information.
Malchak Salvage Co.                  
260 Castle Creek Rd., Binghamton NY.  
Call 607.648.4821
Wholesale Mulch & Sawdust            
3711 Waverly Rd., Owego, NY.   
Call for details at 607.687.2637