Senior Centers

Please note: Broome County Senior Centers are currently closed for activities and sit-down dining due to COVID-19.  Centers are offering meals to go; call your local senior center for information.


Spend the Day Your Way at Local Senior Centers!

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Join us to share your talents, have some fun and enjoy a great meal!

Meal Reservations Required:

April's Menu - Bon Appetit!

For a list of meals that do not require a reservation, click here.

Senior Center Fitness Class Schedule (click here)

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Broome West (Endwell)                 


Eastern Broome (Harpursville)

First Ward (Binghamton)

Johnson City

Northern Broome (Whitney Point)

North Shore Towers (Binghamton)


Dine With Us: [Enrich, Enjoy, Share]

  • Enjoy an appetizing hot lunch, fresh salad/sandwich bar or a homemade breakfast for lunch.

  • Reservations can be made easily by calling the center one day in advance. No reservations are necessary for the salad/sandwich bar, the breakfast for lunch program or other specialty bars.

  • Get a break from cooking and the dishes, without the restaurant prices!

Caloric/Sodium Information for Senior Center Lunch Items

Each link will take you to a printable pdf.

Temporarily Unavailable


Many senior centers offer special group trip packages for overnight and one-day excursions. Trips in the past have included Skaneateles, Atlantic City, and Washington, D.C. Call your local senior center for information about upcoming trips.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Centers welcome volunteers to help with a variety of programs and operations. Volunteers accomplish many things at senior centers including facilitating classes, planning special events, answering the telephone, or helping with the meal service. Share yourself and your talents at a senior center!

Meal Contributions

Contributions for your meals are requested. The suggested contribution for a daytime meal is $3.50 per meal for people over age 60 and their spouse of any age and a charge of $4.50 per meal for people under age 60.

Individuals whose income is at or above 185 % of the Federal Poverty Guidelines are asked to contribute at an amount that represents the actual costs of the meals ($8.07 per meal). You are asked to contribute at this rate if your monthly household income is more than $1,967 and you live alone; or if you live in a household of 2 and your monthly income exceeds $2,658.  No one shall be denied a meal due to an inability or unwillingness to contribute.