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Put Living Back in Your Life with Living Healthy Workshops

Individuals or family caregivers who are currently living with a chronic health condition such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and chronic pain are invited to register for the upcoming “Living Healthy” workshop at Broome West Senior Center in Endwell, NY.  The “Living Healthy” workshop will be held each Wednesday from February 19 through March 25 from 9:30 AM to 12 PM. 

“Living Healthy” is a six-week program that will help participants learn ways to manage their symptoms and improve their overall quality of life.   Topics covered include techniques to deal with pain, appropriate exercise, nutrition, appropriate use of medications and other useful tips.  The program does not conflict with any existing treatment, and it is designed to enhance the care received from professional healthcare providers. 

Participation in this six-week program is free of charge.  For those who are interested in signing up, advance registration is required.  Please call the Office for Aging at 778-2411 to learn more and register.      

The “Living Healthy” workshop is an evidence-based self-management program originally developed at Stanford University.  “Living Healthy” is the local implementation of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program of the Self-Management Resource Center.  


What:  Living Healthy Workshop

When:  Wednesdays, February 19 – March 25, 9:30 AM-12 PM

Where:  Broome West Senior Center, 2801 Wayne Street, Endwell, NY  13760

Who:  For Those Who Are Managing a Chronic Health Condition or

           Caring for Someone with a Chronic Condition






Publish Date
February 3, 2020