November 30, 2020                    

Contact:  Lisa Schuhle, Director            
Broome County Office for Aging                
(607) 778-2411 

New Tool to Help Inform Public of the Risks of Getting COVID-19

With colder weather setting in and increases in active COVID-19 cases in the community, the Broome County Office for Aging is encouraging older adults as well as the general public to utilize a new tool that can help educate people on how to guard against the coronavirus. 

CV19 Check Up was recently created through a partnership among the New York State Office for Aging, the Association on Aging in New York, and BellAge Inc.  This tool assesses individuals’ risk factors for getting COVID-19 through a series of brief questions, is free and anonymous, and only takes a few minutes to complete. 

The tool uses a series of questions about your health conditions, the number of people you come in contact with, how regularly you wear a mask, the most current information about the disease, and the rate of infection in your neighborhood to calculate your risk of getting COVID-19.  Once you complete the questions and get your risk score, you’re provided with recommendations and educational information to reduce your risk of contracting the virus. 

CV19 Check Up is available to everyone at  

Broome County Office for Aging Director Lisa Schuhle states: “For those lacking internet access, we’re encouraging them to ask a friend or family member for help over the phone with completing this brief assessment. This new tool can help guide your actions to better protect yourself and your loved ones.  We hope you will try it and share it with everyone you know.”


Publish Date
November 30, 2020