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The assurance of optimal physical, psychosocial and developmental health and well being for childbearing and child-rearing families is the goal through programs designed to help families receive the evaluation and treatment services they need. Some children may experience delays in their development and early detection and treatment may make a difference…for the child, the family, and the community.

Child Find

This statewide program ensures that children (birth to three years of age) who may be at risk for delays receive the help needed to enhance early growth and development. The goal is to ensure that children under age three are engaged in primary health care and receive appropriate developmental tracking and screening through their primary health care provider.

Early Intervention Program (EIP) (O-2)

The Early Intervention Program focuses on early identification and follow-up of children (ages birth through two) with developmental delays. The program provides evaluations of your child's abilities at no cost to your family and with your full participation. A service coordinator will work with your family to identify your concerns and priorities for your child and will refer your child for needed services based upon the Individualized Family Services Plan developed for your child.

Education For Handicapped Children's Program (EHCP) Committee On Preschool Education (CPSE) (3-5)

This program is for children (age 3 through 5) with suspected or confirmed delays that will affect learning. This program is directed through the New York State Department of Education to transition identified children into the formal school system. The EHCP process will determine placement opportunities and services to benefit your child and your family at no cost to you.

Healthy Families Broome- PACT (Parents & Children Together)

We offer free home-based services to support families! You can enroll anytime from before your child is born up to three months of age. Services are available until your child turns six years old. Healthy Families Broome provides information on prenatal care, parenting guidance, bonding, attachment, child brain development, child growth, and so much more! We can also provide connections to community resources. 

You may be eligible for this free program! Click here to fill out this form and to learn more about our program.

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