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The Office of the Clerk provides recorded minutes of all regular and special sessions of the Legislature as well as all committee meetings; drafts and distributes all legislation to appropriate committees; processes, certifies and disseminates all legislation; prepares and records all public hearings on local laws, prepares and files the required documentation on all approved local laws with the Secretary of State; and provides clerical/secretarial support to the individual Legislators. Prepares, maintains and distributes the Guide to County, City, Town and Village Officials.

The Clerk also serves as the Records Access Officer for the County of Broome, processing Freedom of Information Requests on a continual basis.

The Legislative Analyst provides research and administrative support to members of the Legislature. The Legislative Analyst also serves as the main policy and budget advisor to the Chairman of the Legislature and the Chairs of Legislature Committees. They also serve as a liaison between the Legislature and the Executive branch of County government.

Legislature Staff


Aaron M. Martin, Clerk

Carol Hall.JPG

Carol L. Hall, Deputy Clerk

Matthew A. McDonald, Second Deputy Clerk


Johnathon T. Scott, Legislative Analyst

Contact: Phone: 607.778-2131 Fax: 607.778-8869 FOIL: 607.778-2287
Postal Address: P.O. Box 1766, Binghamton, NY 13902-1766
Delivery Address: 60 Hawley Street, Sixth Floor, Binghamton, NY 13901

Additionally, if you have any comments you would like to submit to the Legislature, you may submit them here.