About the Legislature


Through its power to legislate and approve appropriations, the County Legislature shapes the direction of Broome County Government. The Broome County Charter and Code defines the duties and powers of the legislature.

The County Legislature is responsible for the adoption of all local legislation and levy of property taxes. Other specific powers include: make appropriations, incur indebtedness and adopt an annual budget, create, alter, combine or abolish administrative units not headed by elected officials and to confirm appointments made by the County Executive; adopt the equalization rate for the City of Binghamton and the 16 towns; award all contracts for professional services in excess of $15,000.

The Chair of the Legislature presides at all meetings of the County Legislature and appoints all standing and ad hoc committees. The chair is a member ex-officio of every committee. Additionally, the chair is a member of the Board of Acquisition and Contract (BAC) and several advisory boards pursuant to the provisions of the Broome County Charter and Code. The office provides research to committees and legislators and coordinates interaction between committees.

The Clerk of the Legislature supervises and coordinates the daily activities of the Office of the Legislature.

The Clerk's office provides recorded minutes of all regular and special sessions of the legislature as well as all committee meetings; drafts and distributes all legislation to appropriate committees; processes, certifies and disseminates all legislation; prepares and records all public hearings on local laws, prepares and files the required documentation on all approved local laws with the Secretary of State; and provides clerical/secretarial support to the individual Legislators. Prepares, maintains and distributes (1500 copies) of the Guide to County, City, Town and Village Officials.

The Clerk also serves as the Records Access Officer for the County of Broome, processing Freedom of Information Requests on a continual basis.