County Executive Jason Garnar Announces County Facilities to Close to Public

(TOWN OF DICKINSON, NY) Broome County Executive Jason Garnar announced Wednesday afternoon most county facilities will be closing completely to the public starting Thursday, March 19, 2020, as part of the County’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Here is a complete list of County facilities now closed to the public: 

  • Broome County Office Building 
    • Office for Aging 
      • Walk-ins will not be accepted during the closure. Those in need of assistance should call (607) 778-2411.
    • Clerk’s Office 
      • Including DMVs
    • The Legislature Office 
    • Office of Management and Budget/Treasury
      • Please mail in tax certificate requests with payment and self-addressed return envelope
      • Please send tax payments by mail, receipts will be mailed back
      • Any requests for certificates of residency should be mailed.
      • OMB’s mailing address is PO Box 1766, 60 Hawley Street, Binghamton, NY 13902
      • To determine the amount of delinquent taxes owed, call (607) 778-2161 or (607) 778- 2238. Receipts will be mailed.
      • For your current tax bill contact Broome County Real Property Tax Services.
    • Personnel
      • Civil Service exams postponed until further notice. Call (607) 778-2185. 
    • Purchasing
      • Those in need of assistance should call (607) 778-2188 and leave a voice message. 
      •  E-mail requests should be sent to
      • Public bid openings will be videotaped and posted to Purchasing's website. 
      • Bid respondents are to deliver RFB/RFP submittals to Broome County Security. 
    • Real Property Tax Services 
      • Residents who need to make tax payments should call the Real Property Tax Service in advance to determine the details of their payment. Payments should be mailed in. Payments that must be dropped off in person should be deposited in a drop-box located in the lobby of the County Office Building. Call (607) 778-2169 with questions.
    • Security 
      • Call (607) 778-2107 if you need assistance. 
    • Veterans Services 
      • Not taking appointments at this time 
      • If you need assistance call (607) 778-2147. 
  • Broome County Dog Shelter
    • Please contact the Dog Shelter or visit their Facebook page for information about adoptions.  
  • Broome County DPW Highway 
  • Broome County Forum Theatre
  • Broome County Health Department 
    • WIC Clinic, Tuberculosis Clinic and Cancer Services Program by appointment only
    • Environmental Health Permits by mail and drop box at entrance 
  • Broome County Office for Aging Senior Centers
  • Broome County Office of Emergency Services
  • Broome County Public Library 
  • Career and Community Services Center of Broome County
  • En-Joie Golf Club
  • Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena
  • George R. Harvey Justice Building 
    • If you have an appointment with the District Attorney’s office, call (607) 778-2423 for an update.
    •  If you need assistance contact your probation officer with questions, or call (607) 778-2121. 
    • Message from the Public Defender’s Office: Defendants are advised to contact the office by phone to schedule an intake interview at (607) 778-2403.
  • Willow Point Rehabilitation and Nursing Center 
    • Willow Point’s restrictions on visitation announced last week remain in effect. 


The following departments remain open

  •  Board of Elections
    •  Residents should call (607) 778-2172 before arriving.
  • Broome County Landfill 
  • Broome County Parks 
  • Broome County Transit 
  • Greater Binghamton Airport 
    • Flights will continue as scheduled.
  • The Department of Social Services 
    • As of Monday, March 23, 2020, all consumer appointments at Broome County DSS for non-emergency purposes are suspended.  We will continue providing assistance in our offices to those with emergency needs such as homelessness, eviction, and disconnected utilities. We are encouraging the public to submit applications for services electronically (when available) or by mail.  There is also a drop box that consumers can use to deliver documents.

Changes will be made as we continue to evaluate the situation. You can reach any department by contacting (607) 778-8000

Additionally, following Governor Cuomo’s directive, Broome County reduced its county employees working in county facilities by 50% implementing work from home protocols for many employees as of Wednesday, March 18.

Publish Date
March 18, 2020