Temporary Food Service Safety Class

2018 Temporary Food Service Permit and Training Policy

Summary: BCHD Policy & Procedures for Temporary Food Vendor

The following measures have been put in place to provide an additional opportunity to ensure that those individuals handling, preparing and serving foods have the basic knowledge and skills to minimize potential hazards. This policy will also afford the Health Department ample time to manage the permitting process and evaluate the food vendor’s history.

The following presentation and information will help provide Food Service Workers with a minimal understanding of food safety practices for temporary venues. This online training and quiz is exclusively for Temporary Food Vendors selling food at any venue in Broome County.  Each individual will need to view the presentation, take the quiz and complete the contact information to be listed with the Broome County Health Department for temporary food service events. 

Below is the safety training class slideshow that you will need to understand so that you can properly handle food for specific temporary events. Read through and learn the information on the following slides. When you have completed this training, you will be required to answer questions related to the training, provide personal information,  and upon suceessful completion print out a certification form. You will need to keep this form with you during the event.

Read through the Presentation: Temporary Food Safety Class Full Color Presentation

Print a Reference Copy: Temporary Food Safety Class Print Out Version
* Feel free to make a copy of this training

Take the Quiz: Temporary Food Service Safety Quiz
* Each individual, serving or preparing food, must take the quiz and provide all contact information.  You will need to print your own copy of the certification form after completing the quiz. Please complete the form by printing your name, signing along side your printed name and include the date when the course was completed.  Keep the certificate with you during the event. A wallet card is at the bottom of the certificate for quick reference.  This must be done annually.

Those who have taken the course and passed the quiz, will be placed on the BCHD certification list for the temporary event.  You only will be allowed to work at this event if you have a certificate or are on the certification list that the Health Inspector will posess. 

Thank you for participating in this online training program. We hope you found it to be informative and educational. Please call (607) 778-2810 if you have any further questions.