New School Year Prompts Reminder of Stop Arm Camera Program

With the new school year underway, Broome County Executive Jason Garnar was joined by Broome County’s Office of Emergency Services and representatives from the Union-Endicott School District to remind the public that of the County’s School Bus Stop Arm Camera program.

In 2019 the Broome County Legislature passed a local law to allow for the creation of a demonstration program for stop-arm cameras on school buses in Broome County. The program includes outfitting school buses in Broome County with stop-arm cameras to catch drivers illegally passing school buses. The cameras are mounted on the driver’s side of the bus and automatically record any vehicle that illegally passes. Violators are then issued tickets by mail.

During a one-month warning period last spring, 120 violations were recorded by local school buses. The program then went live in June and caught 59 drivers illegally passing buses throughout the summer, a time when far fewer buses are on the road.

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Publish Date
September 14, 2021