OES Mascot Art Contest Submissions

Mascot Name: Barb
Description: Barb the Bee, Not scared just BEE prepared
Artist: Linda, 62

Mascot Name: Beaver-y Ready
Description: Beavers are industrious and one of the few animals capable of changing their environment for their safety and well-being. Beavers spend months preparing for winter, gathering food, putting on fat and insulating their huts. They're also the state animal of New York. Who better to teach Broome to Beaver-y prepared?
Artist: Nicole, 36

Mascot Name: Bee Ready
Description: This is Bee Ready. He wants everyone to be careful, be safe + be prepared.
Artist: Diane, 68

Mascot Name: Bob the Bear
Description: Bob the Bear helps share the importance of safety preparedness.
Artist: Lucas, 71

Mascot Name: Carousel "Carry" Backpack
Description: Carousel "carry" backpack is a reflection of Broome County's nature, technology, and history. She represents the idea of the OES grab- and- go backpacks.
Artist: Melissa, 46

Mascot Name: Doc
Description: The mascot is a tough big-hearted EMT/Cowboy/girl serving Broome County in all emergencies and teaches safety.
Artist: Geraldine, 70

Mascot Name: Eagle Eye
Description: The mascot keeps a lookout for emergencies; and is ready to swoop down and help anyone in need.
Artist: Geraldine, 70

Mascot Name: Essy
Description: Essy the Elephant always remembers to be "not scared, just prepared"
Artist: Linda, 62

Mascot Name: Franky the Fox
Description: Franky the Fox provides facts about safety and preparedness for Broome County Emergency Services
Artist: Ruby, 12

Mascot Name: Gator Dog
Description: This is Gator Dog, he is friendly likes to help people and loves to give high fives!
Artist: Grant, 7

Mascot Name: Goldee
Description: Goldee is a friendly and levelheaded EMT. She finished her training and is ready to help others. Goldee is a team player who works well with others, especially children. She becomes excited when children want to learn about safety and becoming an emergency responder. Goldee is always happy to share her knowledge and experience with her community.
Artist: Paige, 29

Mascot Name: Iric Dizzy
Description: Iric (eye-rick) Dizzy is a hybrid boy scout. Learning everything he can about safety, from medical treatment, safety at home or safety outside!
Artist: Aspen, 17

Mascot Name: Jack
Description: Meet Jack (because he is a jack of all trades). He wears many hats including police, fire and EMS. You'll be sure to see him somewhere. If you decide to hire him don't forget his locker! He needs it for all his hats.
Artist: Jeff, ??

Mascot Name: Love
Artist: Alex, 29

Mascot Name: Mascot for all Dog
Description: One Mascot for all. A combination of search and rescue police and fire dogs. A trained canine prepared to work alongside first responders to protect and serve.
Artist: Jodi, 67

Mascot Name: Safety Mazie the Firefighting Dragon
Description: This is Safety Mazie the Firefighting Dragon. She is a sweet girl who is always prepared to fight fire, and help those in need.
Artist: Anae, 10

Mascot Name: Milkshake
Description: Milkshake is a cow. He is a loving mascot, and he can change different colors based on time of year. He keeps his black spots no matter what, but they can change tint
Artist: Khloe, 13

Mascot Name: Nurse Akshar
Description: This is Nurse Akshar, He is your friendly neighborhood helper. He can help with everything you need.
Artist: Madison, 18

Mascot Name: Papa Safety and Granny Pearl
Description: Papa safety teaches Granny Pearl how to be prepared for bad weather. Stay safe at home, to watch surroundings when alone, and what to do if an emergency occurs.
Artist: Stephanie, 35

Mascot Name: Ranger
Description: He is a Fierce and determined great horned owl, ready to take flight when problems occur
Artist: Haley, 12

Mascot Name: Ready, the Fox
Description: Ready is a native New Yorker and knows the importance of preparing for, and how to respond to emergency situations. Ready would love to share with you, things he's learned so you can Be like Ready
Artist: Peggy, 64

Mascot Name: SEO
Description: SEO is an interactive fun educational tool for individuals and families that is focused on safety+ preparedness. SEO the fuzzbot is packed full of evolving scenarios through a variety of games + music to make learning fun for all.
Artist: Tammy, 51

Mascot Name: Sherman the Safety Pup
Description: Sherman the Safety Pup loves to be prepared for safe fun! He knows learning how to be safe is important! Being prepared for everything means success and safety!
Artist: Ramona, 51

Mascot Name: Siggy
Description: This is Siggy Signs whose mission is to make sure people are aware of and understand what emergency signs mean and how to best respond to those signs to stay safe.
Artist: Tina, 67

Mascot Name: Sir OES
Description: The old school heroes wore armor in preparation of dragon attacks, Knights were the original volunteer community response teams. Jousts were the practice for simulated events. Today's male and female knights prepare with education, organization, and preparedness for hazards.
Artist: Bob, 70

Mascot Name: Slarrence Safety
Description: After an accident on the construction site Slarrence safety devoted his life to teaching the citizens of Broome County all about Safety
Artist: AJ, 18

Mascot Name: Squeaky
Description: My mascot squeaky the squirrel. Squirrels are a symbol of preparation and resourcefulness, squeaky is always prepared for an emergency and is good and resourceful when helping others.
Artist: Jamie, 17

Mascot Name: The Kernel
Description: Introducing "The Kernel" ~popping in to save the day!
Artist: Alexia, 45

Mascot Name: Wolfie
Description: The wolf, highly intelligent, caring, DEVOTED.
Artist: Erin, 52

Mascot Name: Wolf
Description: Emergency Management always answers the call. The traits of the wolf mirror the traits of Emergency Management
Artist: Erin, 52

Mascot Name: Awesome Opossum
Description: Introducing our Awesome Opossum! She and her sidekicks are prepared for anything and ready to share OES knowledge to keep Broome County residents safe!
Artist: Meg and Heather, 30-40

Mascot Name: Benny B. Prepared
Description: Hi! I'm Benny B. Prepared, and I am always ready to help you and your family learn how to stay safe in emergency situations. Be prepared like Benny and make sure you know what to do during a disaster to save lives and help keep everyone safe.
Artist: Ashley, 39

Mascot Name: Broome the Bear
Description: Hello! My name is Broome the bear. I love to teach about safety and preparedness to Broome County Residents. My siren hat gets your attention so I can show you my backpack Items.
Artist: Barbara, 57

Mascot Name: Bud the Turtle
Description: This is Bud the Turtle! Bud is all about safety! He's a chill guy and makes everything fun!
Artist: Juliet, 10

Mascot Name: Coney
Description: Keep your eyes peeled for safety! Equipped with EJ shoes he's ready to help OES
Artist: Stacy, 46

Mascot Name: Dan Chimpanz
Description: Introducing Sir "Dan the Chimpanz" Dan is the community Chimpanzee who can be described just as his dear name reads. (D)efensible- able to be protected; safe. (A)ttentive- pays close attention, (N)eighborly- friendly, kind. Not to mention Dapper!
Artist: Alaina, 34

Mascot Name: Edison
Description: Meet Edison, the Office of Emergency Services Dog. He's here to shine a light on the importance of safety and preparedness. (Note: a variety of public safety messages could be put in the flashlight beam)
Artist: Aidan, 11

Mascot Name: Firefighter, cop, Broome Bearcat
Description: My Mascot is a firefighter, a cop, and a Broome County Bearcat! He is a special character who wants everyone to do the right thing.
Artist: Noah, 14

Mascot Name: Harley
Description: Harley is a lone hyena who strives to help others. She finds joy in teaching, playing, and helping others. She also knows sign! She aspires to be an aiding hand- or, paw!
Artist: Alanah, 17

Mascot Name: Heart Life
Description: Hello, my name is Heart Life. I am a retired Fire Medic and I hope to teach you safety and preparedness skills from my experience.
Artist: Evangeline, 10

Mascot Name: Kai
Description: They are a dog because they represent loyalty, safety, guidance and protection. Their clothes represent many things to be safe around like swimming and biking, etc. They also can show femine people can be strong. Their name is Kai
Artist: Chloe, 14

Mascot Name: Know your home Gnome
Description: I have created Know your home Gnome because I think that knowing your home might be one of the best things to know for safety. He is very kind and caring.
Artist: Kilian, 12

Mascot Name: Speedie in a Hot Air Balloon
Description: My Mascots name is speedie, he is a speedy in a hot air balloon showing how to be safe while flying a hot air balloon
Artist: Logan, 11

Mascot Name: Spiedie Man
Description: What is our area well known for? Spiedies! Equipped with EJ shoes he's ready to help OES.
Artist: Stacy, 46

Mascot Name: Spiedie
Description: Hi! My name is Spiedie the Turtle. I love to teach about safety and preparedness to Broome County residents. My siren hat gets your attention so I can show you my backpack items.
Artist: Barbra, 57

Mascot Name: Spiedie Sub
Description: I choose to create a spiedie sub mascot because the people in the area are familiar with the spiedie fest.
Artist: Coby, 11

Mascot Name: Tod the Safety Turtle
Description: Tod is an aquatic turtle who sadly cannot swim, but he doesn't let that stop him! He has committed his life to teach people about safety in and out of the water and is prepared for anything!
Artist: Hannah, 16

Mascot Name: Sara
Description: This is Sara the Sarasoarus. I am a dinosaur, and I am friends with the green dinosaur. You probably know him. It's Hartley, you've probably seen him at Otsiningo park and other parks.
Artist: Berkley, 11

Mascot Name: Bobble the Broome County Hero
Description: Introducing the broome county's smiling superhero "Bobble the Broome County Hero"! Sporting Broome County's Gold and Binghamton's Green. He can stop a robber, and save a life with a smile, like a superhero should. Representing the superhero role OES takes on, this is your mascot!
Artist: Tieoni, 17

Mascot Name: Bernard
Description: Meet Bernard the safety dog, your local safety expert, with a bog on his side, he keeps band-aids, epipens, and other supplies in case anything happens.
Artist: Jayce, 16

Mascot Name: Daddy Duck
Description: This is Daddy Duck! And his number one Priority is to keep his ducks in a row.
Artist: Lucky, 18

Mascot Name: Ready Betty
Description: Ready Betty is ready to lead the way and teach the community about the importance of safety and preparedness
Artist: Robyn, 51

Mascot Name: No Name
Description: I decided to leave my mascot with no name for now, I would like the people of the county to name them as they would like! Dogs tend to reflect a positive and kind image which is why I decided to go with one for the mascot. When selecting a dog breed, I couldn't pick one, so I decided to go with a mix, mixes are quite overlooked and happen to make some of the best and most loyal pets, presenting fun personalities! I wanted this mascot to represent those qualities, positive kind and full of personality.
Artist: Sasha, 18

Mascot Name: Sali the Safety Salamander
Description: Sali the Safety Salamander is a sharp dressing, fun loving, amphibian from the Parlor City. He's always on the lookout for hazards because he is a hellbender Salamander, an endangered species, so he spots trouble easy.
Artist: Rex, 48