Broome County School Bus Stop Arm Camera Update

A little more than halfway through the school year, more than 1,500 violations have been recorded by the County’s School Bus Stop Arm Camera program. In February, the program recorded 226 violations, bringing the total for the 2021-2022 school year to 1,583. The highest number of violations for any month this school year was 395 in December; below is month-by-month breakdown of violations.

September 2021 – 203

October 2021 – 256

November 2021 – 294

December 2021 – 395

January 2022 – 209

February 2022 - 226

Each initial violation comes with a $250 fine which is issued to drivers by mail; second and third violations in an 18-month period are $275 and $300 respectively. The fines are set by the New York State law which permitted local governments to create their own stop-arm camera programs. Broome County’s program was created in 2019 when the County Legislature passed a local law to allow for the creation of a demonstration program for stop-arm cameras on school buses in Broome County. The program includes outfitting school buses in Broome County with stop-arm cameras to catch drivers illegally passing school buses. The cameras are mounted on the driver’s side of the bus and automatically record any vehicle that illegally passes.

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Publish Date
March 4, 2022