State of Emergency to End in Broome County

After 15 months, Broome County’s longest State of Emergency is set to expire. The order, which was initially issued on March 14, 2020, will end at 3:30 this afternoon. After 475 days and along with the expiration of the State of Emergency, the Emergency Operations Center will close as well; this was also the longest duration of an active EOC.

By the numbers: throughout the COVID-19 State of Emergency, 19 Emergency Orders were issued by County Executive Jason Garnar. It was also the first time in history Broome County offices operated at limited capacity with a mandatory work-from-home policy. EOC staff helped coordinate and distribute 1.5 million pieces of personal protective equipment, and 1.2 million meals were provided to students who were required to participate in remote learning.

Publish Date
July 1, 2021