Fire Training Schedule

TO:                  Department Chief’s & Training Officers

FROM:             Jeffrey Buckler - Fire Coordinator

DATE:               December 18, 2023

SUBJECT:        Upcoming Fire Training Schedule

Pre-Registration Required for All Courses via LMS Portal

Fire Instructor 2

Fire Instr 1 Aug 12-16 Monday-Friday No 0800 SUNY Broome Click to Register
BEFO None       Port Crane 1  
IFO BEFO       Port Crane 1  
Apparatus Operator - Aerial None       Endwell Sta 1  
FO-1: Fireground Strategies & Tactics FF1          
EVOC None       Chenango Bridge Sta 1  
Apparatus Operator - Pump None       West Corners Sta 1  
Fire Sprinkler Systems None November 9 Saturday Yes - Nov 9 0800 West Corners Sta 1  
Fire Alarm Systems None

December 2 & 4 Mon/Wed

No 1830 Chenango Bridge Sta 1  

BEFO, SCBA/IFO & FF2 require IFSTA Edition #7 Essentials of Firemanship and FD Ops book. **UPDATED as of October 2021**

Fire Officer courses (Except FSTFAC) require IFSTA Edition #6 Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer. **UPDATED as of January 2023**

    NEW! You can now submit requests for courses you would like to see run! Click here to submit your requests: Fire Training Request Form

  NOTE- Departments hosting courses must still pre-register their personnel.  

  BEFO = Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations / HMFRO = Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations