Broome County Receives Best Fiscal Score Ever

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar announced today that Broome County has received its best fiscal score in history from New York State. According to the Fiscal Stress Monitoring Report released yesterday by the Office of NYS Comptroller DiNapoli, Broome County’s score was 6.3 for the 2021 fiscal year. 

“I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve done that has earned us the best fiscal score in the history of the County,” said Broome County Executive Jason Garnar. “Working with Chairman Dan Reynolds and the entire Legislature, we continue to craft responsible budgets that cut taxes, control spending, and limit our short-term borrowing. Broome County taxpayers deserve to know that their tax dollars are being used wisely and this score from the Comptroller’s Office proves that’s what we’re doing.”

Broome County’s score of 6.3 resulted in “no designation” of fiscal stress from Comptroller DiNapoli’s Office, the best possible classification. Scores are out of 100 and are determined using a variety of metrics; the score then correlates with one of four fiscal stress designations: significant, moderate, susceptible to, or no designation. Higher scores indicate a higher level of fiscal stress. Comptroller DiNapoli’s Office evaluates local governments on financial indicators including year-end fund balance, cash-on-hand, short-term borrowing, fixed costs and patterns of operating deficits to create fiscal stress scores for each municipality in the state.

Publish Date
September 29, 2022