Frequently Asked Questions

We get many inquiries at Broome County CASA about Long Term Care. Here are a few examples of frequently asked questions. Remember each situation is unique, contact CASA for more information about your specific situation.

1. I've been told that my spouse needs Nursing Home care. What are my next steps?

There are several different levels of institutional care available. CASA can discuss these with you. If you have applied for a Skilled Nursing Facility (Nursing Home) a PRI & Screen will need to be completed. CASA may be able to complete this for you.

Please call CASA to discuss your current situation.

2. My grandmother needs more assistance than we can provide for her at home. She needs 24-hour care and supervision. Can CASA help me?

People in need of 24-hour care can be difficult to care for at home. CASA staff can explain the various levels of care that exist in the community such as Enriched Living, Adult Care Facilities, Assisted Living Programs, and the Foster Family Care Demonstration Program. CASA can provide you with the payment options and contact information for these facilities/programs.

Please call CASA to discuss your current situation.

3. I live alone on a limited income. I find myself in need of some assistance at home. What services are available and how would I pay for them?

If you are eligible for Medicaid and are an adult over 18, you need to contact the New York Independent Assessor (NYIA) for an initial assessment for home care services (1-855-222-8350).

  • Please contact CASA if you have additional questions about the NYIA Assessment process.

If you do not have Medicaid, you should contact Broome County NY Connects ( at 607-778-2278 or 1-800-342-9871 for options.

4. I am the primary caregiver for my disabled child and need some assistance at home. My child has Medicaid, how do I pursue services through the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP)?

Assessments for the CPDAP Program for children under 18 are not completed by the New York Independent Assessor (NYIA).

If your child has a managed Medicaid Plan, you must contact the plan for an assessment.

If your child has Fee for Service (FFS) Medicaid, please contact CASA. We will discuss the process with you and take a referral if indicated.