Broome County Announces Another Round of Mini-Grant Funding for Opioid Overdose Prevention Efforts

(BINGHAMTON, NY) The Broome Opioid Awareness Council (BOAC) announced today that it is releasing funds for another year of mini grants. $40,000 total in funding is available in 2021, up from $25,000 in previous years, to be awarded for 4 projects that address specific deliverables, the work will be completed by community agencies to conduct opioid overdose awareness activities.

The funds will be available to non-profit organizations, community agencies, municipalities and schools to develop, enhance or establish opioid awareness related activities in Broome County.  This year awards will be accepted for activities that address work with recovery peers, harm reduction education and messaging, increased access to Narcan and education and prevention efforts around substance use disorders.

“Fighting this public health epidemic takes a multi-faceted approach, and we are excited to offer our community partners the opportunity to again explore new ways of saving lives and reducing the stigma associated with substance use disorders,” stated Rebecca Kaufman, Director of Public Health.     

“We saw some exciting projects the past few years and again are looking for proposals to tackle this complex public health subject area which impacts all sectors and people in our community” added Marissa Knapp, Opioid Overdose Prevention Coordinator.   
The grant applications can be found at .    
Successful applicants will be awarded a contract until 8/31/2021, contingent upon successful program performance. Projects will be funded depending on the scope of the projects that address 1 of the 4 subject areas, a total of 4 awards will be awarded up to $10,000 each.  

“I am excited for the additional amount of funding available this year to help combat the opioid epidemic in Broome County. Thank you to the many community agencies who work to save lives in our area and finding new ways to reach people due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” added Broome County Executive Jason Garnar. “I look forward to seeing new initiatives funded this year.”

Publish Date
April 8, 2021