Senator Fred Akshar - District 52

Scott Baker - Legislator, Broome County Legislature

John Barry - Executive Director STAP

Lisa Bobby - Care Compass Network

Nancy Williams-Frank - Commissioner, Social Services/Mental Health

Diane Brown - Executive Director, Community Foundation of SCNY

Kurt Zumbach - Director, Broome County Probation

Courtney Cashman - Broome County Office for Aging

Rich David/Megan Brockett - Mayor, City of Binghamton/Rep

Gary Hartford - Drug Court Case Manager, BC Drug Court

Maria Fabrizi - Drug Free Communities Coordinator

Jason Garnar - Broome County Executive, Broome County Executive Office

John Gartman - Live Free Program, Calvarys Love Church- Hope Homes

Sydney Graham - Ascension Health SAP Supervisor

Andrea Guccia - Director of Education, Family Planning of SCNY

Patrick Haley - Director Fairview Recovery Services

Pastor Will Hampton - Two Rivers Church

David Harder - Sheriff, BC Office of the Sheriff

Jim Hawley - Drug Intelligence Officer, NY/NJ HIDTA

Stephanie Hazelett - Civil Operator NYNG Counter Drug Taskforce

Dr. Julia Hunter - Assistant Medical Director for Addiction Medicine, United Health Services Hospitals

Erica Robinson - Helio Health Admissions Outreach Specialist

Kyle King - NYNG Counter Drug Taskforce

Sarah King - Dual Recovery Coordinator, Broome County Mental Health/ACBC

Marissa Knapp - Broome County Health Department Opioid Overdose Prevention Coordinator / BOAC Coordinator

Lee Livermore - Public Education Coordinator, Upstate/ NY Poison Center

Jill Lloyd - Family Navigator, ACBC

Donna Lupardo/Chris Whalen - NYS Assembly - Assemblywoman, NYS Assembly

Mary McFadden - Interim Director of Public Health, BC Health Department

Heidi Mikeska- CCSI Community Systems Coordinator

Kim Myers- Business Owner

Kate Newcomb - Captain, BC Office of the Sheriff

Carmela Pirich- Director ACBC

Christine Podolak - Field Placement Coordinator Binghamton University

Michael Ponticiello - Deputy Director Executive, Broome County Executive Office

Stacey Rodzinka- Tech Sergeant NY/NJ Counter Drug Taskforce

Raphalla Richardson- Ascension Health Director

Dr. Christopher Ryan - Medical Director, Broome County Health Department

Raymond Serowik - Emergency Medical Services Coordinator, BC Office of Emergency Services

Pastor John Snider- Two Rivers Church

Penny Stringfield - Community Representative

Colleen Wagner - Deputy County Executive, Broome County Executive Office

Jeffrey Wagner (on behalf of District Attorney Michael Korchak) - Broome County District Attorney's Office

Susan Wheeler - Community Representative

Alan Wilmarth - Administrative Director, Behavioral Health, United Health Services Hospitals

Megan Olmstead - Person Centered Community Advocate Broome County Mental Health

Liz Woidt - Director, BC Parks, Recreation and Youth Services

Alexis Pleus - Executive Director, Truth Pharm

Bernard Bush -  Lourdes Hospital

Chris Whalen - Broome County Executive’s Office

Elaine Miller - Binghamton Housing Authority

Michael Korcheck - District Attorney, Broome County District Attorney

Mike Baker - Director, Broome County Public Defender

Brian Norris - Broome County Security

Jessica Sullivan - Broome County Social Services

Tina Servilla - Broome County Social Services

Kristin Russell - Broome County Health Department