Types of Composters

The Broome County Landfill has Earth Machine Composters for sale year-round.

The bins are approximately 3'x3'x3' and hold up to 80 gallons. The lid screws on for a secure fit and the bottom has a door which allows you to remove the finished compost. 

The units sell for $45 (includes tax).

They can be purchased at the Broome County Landfill located at 286 Knapp Rd, Binghamton, NY.  For more information, please call 778-2250

A new shipment of compost bins has arrive and bins are available now at the landfill. 

No Bin System

This is the cheapest form of composting and is great if you have lots of yard trimmings and a moderate to large area to locate your pile. This method can attract animals that are likely to scavenge the pile. An open pile should be covered during prolonged rainy weather and during the winter.

Multi Bin System

This system is efficient allowing you to have 3 working piles at different stages of  decomposition.These bins are easy to turn and harvest final compost.

They can also be made animal resistant.

Tumbler or Spinner

Self-contained barrels or drums that rotate make mixing and fast decomposition easy.

These bins are typically more expensive than other systems but can be more convenient because they are easier to turn. They are also a good solution for small spaces and are usually animal resistant.

Vermicomposting (Worm) Bins

Worm composting is unique because it uses food scraps only and no yard waste.  It is a great solution for people with small yards, or no yard. Worm composting bins can be made in any size or can be purchased. Worm bins are designed to exclude critters that might be attracted to food scraps. A successful worm bin will not smell, and can be harvested every few months and can be kept indoors or outdoors during the warmer months.