Mission Statement
The Broome County Probation Department is dedicated to the protection of the community by reducing crime and delinquency, along with facilitating the rehabilitation of offenders of the law. This is accomplished through investigation, supervision, and diversion of cases that have violated laws of the Family Court Act, the Penal Law, Vehicle and Traffic Law and other laws of the State of New York. This department works closely with the courts, police agencies, treatment agencies, and other human resource agencies in Broome County to rehabilitate offenders. The Probation Department has a primary obligation to the community to return offenders back to the courts when they do not abide by the court's sentence and conditions of probation.

The Criminal Division component supervises all adults placed on probation by the Criminal Courts of Broome County, as well as cases transferred into Broome County from other jurisdictions. This division provides pre-sentence/pre-plea investigations as ordered by the courts in Broome County, and upon request from other County Probation Departments, regardless of disposition. Investigations comprise a legal history, social history, victim impact, evaluative analysis and recommendation. The Criminal Division also provides Pre-Trial Release services as an alternative to incarceration, and thus decreases potential jail days. This division also provides interim supervision for individuals placed in this program prior to sentencing by the Criminal Courts.

Presently the department operates specialized caseloads for DWI offenders, sex offenders, and domestic violence offenders. Probation supervision includes office reporting by the probationer, unannounced home visits by probation officers, and contact by the probation officer with collateral sources including, but not limited to, spouses, parents, employers, schools and treatment providers.

The Family Services Division component supervises all youth (age 7 to 16, or 18 in the case of PINS) placed on Probation as a result of a Family Court adjudication as a Juvenile Delinquent (JD)or a Person In Need of Supervision (PINS). This division provides pre-dispositional investigations for Broome County Family Court, as well as adoption, custody and visitation investigations.

This division also provides Diversion to JD cases for the purpose of avoiding the need to file a petition in Family Court. Other services include assessment and referral for services and treatment. Individuals related by blood, marriage or children, who are seeking an Order of Protection are referred to Family Court.

Restitution Unit
The restitution unit monitors court ordered payments including restitution, fines surcharges, Crime Victim's fees and supervision fees. This unit is also responsible for records management of legal documents and case files, and overseeing Conditional Discharge cases. Nearly a half million dollars per year is collected by this unit in restitution for victims.  Restitution, fines, fees and surcharges payable to Broome County Probation may be made via 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Please note a service fee is charged by the vendor for each transaction. 

Special Programs
The Broome County Probation Department is involved with the Youth Part Court and provides voluntary assessment and case planning services to youth aged 16 and above as part of the Raise the Age Law which became effective 10/1/18 and youth aged 17 and above effective 10/1/19. The Youth Part Court handles felony level offenses that are not removed to the Family Court. Misdemeanor level offenses are heard in Family Court. Persons under supervision by the Broome County Probation Department may become involved in a variety of special programs to enhance the rehabilitative process including: DNA collection, Electronic Monitoring and testing for alcohol or drug use.